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Smart Lights: Shedding Light on Security, Savings, and Comfort

Smart Home

April 05, 2019

When you think of smart lights, you may think of fun, color-changing effects that can liven up a party or create special effects. While they may be able to do that, the reality is that WiFi-controlled lights are also a practical way to upgrade your home that offer a host of benefits, from saving money to improving security, health, and style.

Cost savings

It may seem counterintuitive, but smart lights stand to save you money in the long-term. While they may cost more upfront, smart lights use LED bulbs, which are highly energy-efficient. They also last longer than conventional incandescent bulbs, and can be programmed to turn on and off on a specific schedule (or be controlled remotely), so you’re less likely to leave them on for long periods of time. So, the extra upfront costs soon turn into savings on your utility bill.

Enhanced security

Smart home automation outdoor lighting can play a vital role in home security. Pair smart home security lights and cameras, and your system can begin recording when motion is detected on your property. Not only can it help you capture footage of an attempted break-in, but this pairing can also be a factor in helping to deter theft and property damage. After all, no criminal wants to stay in a well-lit area.

Also, like we mentioned before, smart lights can be pre-programmed and controlled remotely. This allows you to create the illusion that people are home. This can be especially useful to keep your home safe while you are away on a vacation or work trip.

Regulated sleep/wake cycles

Light is one of the biggest cues your body and brain use to regulate your sleep schedule. Exposure to bright light in the morning can help you wake up and get charged for the day, while warm, dim lights at night signal the brain to start winding down for sleep. Unlike conventional light bulbs, smart lights can mimic these natural rhythms (which are tied to sunlight) in both color and intensity.

Smart bulbs can help signal to the brain that its time produce melatonin, the chemical that makes you sleepy. Just set your bulbs on a timer to begin dimming and showing a redder light around 30 minutes before bedtime. Smart lights can even work as an alarm clock by gently increasing the light until you wake up.

For those who have trouble falling asleep or waking up energized, smart lights can help. This is especially true for parents with small children, or shift workers whose jobs prevent them from syncing up with natural light rhythms.

Festive decor

Many smart lights are multicolor LEDs, so they can influence atmosphere and add style to your gatherings. You can easily (and instantly) change the color of lights in a room, allowing them to suit the mood or occasion. Throwing a football-watching party? Use the colors of your home team. Having a spontaneous dance party with the kids? Light the room with blues and pinks that pulse along to the music. And if you’re just having a relaxing night at home, pick your favorite, comforting hue and settle in.

Smart lights are a budget-friendly solution that can save you money as well as make your home more comfortable, convenient, and safe. See how Xfinity Home can help you integrate smart lighting into a full home automation and security system.

A total home security solution

A total home security solution

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