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High-Tech Apartments: Exploring the Smart Home Options for Renters

Smart Home

October 22, 2018

Apartment living certainly has its perks: if something breaks, you can call your landlord to fix it, and a smaller living space means fewer rooms to keep clean. But it also has its drawbacks—many times, you cannot alter the space to fit your needs, which includes integrating the latest hardwired technology into your apartment. However, just because you’re in a rental doesn’t mean you shouldn’t enjoy the ultimate safety, security, and convenience that today’s technology can provide.

Xfinity Home offers several solutions perfect for apartment living. From WiFi-enabled security cameras with live video monitoring to smart lighting that can be controlled from your phone, our smart apartment solutions offer the peace of mind and convenience of the most sophisticated technology. They make it simple to have a high-tech apartment without violating your lease agreement.

Check in remotely with apartment security cameras

With Xfinity Home’s WiFi cameras, you can livestream video straight to your smartphone, making it easy to see what is going on in and around your apartment. Check in to see if a package was delivered while you’re at work, make sure your dog walker arrives, or confirm that no one is attempting to get in while you’re on vacation. A security camera for your apartment door allows you to keep tabs on your home from anywhere, at any time, via the Xfinity Home app.

When you choose cameras as a part of a full Xfinity Home security system, you can opt for recording service and store up to 7 days of video history in the cloud. For example, if a package is stolen from outside your door, you can review the footage captured by your camera, complete with timestamps, to when and how it was taken. Use the footage to help inform the landlord—and the authorities.

All Xfinity cameras are weather resistant and equipped with night vision, so whether your apartment door opens to the outside or into a shared hallway, you can keep an eye on your surroundings day and night.

And to make it even easier to see who’s at your front door, Xfinity X1 Internet subscribers can use the X1 Voice Remote to review camera footage. Simply say “Xfinity Home cameras,” into your Voice Remote and your camera will transmit footage right to your television, all without you having to get up.

Save time and energy with smart lights

Gone are the days of coming home to a dark apartment after a long day of work. Smart bulbs and dimmers are an easy way to add smart home technology to your apartment without having to make any permanent changes. In addition to your Xfinity Home service, all you need is a compatible Sengled Element Wireless Bulb and the Xfinity Home app. The easy-to-follow instructions allow you to pair each bulb to the app separately and save it with a unique name. Then, it’ll be easier than ever to remotely control each bulb, one at a time. Plus, with their LED bulbs and motion-activated capabilities, using smart lights is one way to cut down on utility bills.

Once the lights are installed, all it takes is a swipe on your Xfinity Home app to turn your apartment lights on and off. Turn your lights on for visitors or when you’re getting home late at night. Turn the lights off on your way to work when you realize you forgot to do so on your way out the door.

Use automation rules to stay informed and safe

Was your apartment door opened when you weren’t home? Did somebody try to enter through a window? Whether you’re at home or miles away, unexpected activity in your living space can be unnerving. Xfinity Home offers apartment automation that allows you to set personalized rules based on your activity and routine.

Real-time alerts can be sent to your device if a window sensor is triggered or unusual motion is detected within your apartment. Professional monitoring is included with your Xfinity Home service, so the authorities will be alerted right away when any alarms are triggered.

Apartment living doesn’t mean your sense of security or comfort should be compromised. Learn more about how Xfinity Home’s solutions can provide smart home devices for renters.

A total home security solution

A total home security solution

Get peace of mind with 24/7 professional monitoring and so much more. Enhance your with smart security features, because smarter is safer.

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