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Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 & Z Fold5: Here is What You Need to Know


Get ready to end calls with style and answer all the “You can do that?!” questions your friends are going to have, because Samsung has made the flip phone a must-have once again. The tech giants have unveiled the new Samsung Galaxy Z Flip5 and the Galaxy Z Fold5, and they’re ready to be picked up today. Here’s what you need to know about both models... 

What this year brings 

Z Flip5

The latest Z Flip5 boasts the same compact, sleek design with a bigger-than-ever cover screen, making it ideal for subtle sophistication. Thanks to the Z Flip5’s new and improved cover screen, you can quickly and easily compose texts, change the song you’re jamming out to, initiate a call, and much more without ever opening the phone. Be sure to customize the background, clock display, and more to truly make the Z Flip5 uniquely yours. 

Z Fold5 

The to-go tablet is back and better than ever this year. With an ultra-powerful Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 Mobile processor and 7.6” folding screen, video streaming, and mobile gaming has been taken to the next level. Plus, multitasking is easier than ever on the Z Fold5. With an enhanced taskbar and intuitive multi-screen interface, you can message friends, plan a vacation, or catch up on emails, while streaming your favorite show simultaneously. 

Now for the big decision — is the Z Flip5 or Z Fold5 better suited for your lifestyle? 

Samsung’s 2022 models are still great too 

Z Flip4 

The Z Flip4 is compact, portable, and durable — a must-have for an on-the-go lifestyle. With a sleek, stylish design available in an array of colors, it also features a hands-free camera, informative cover screen, and custom accessories.

Z Fold4 

The Z Fold4 is made to take your productivity to the next level, unfolding into a tablet- size screen. You can launch multiple apps side by side with a multi-window view or multi-task with hands-free video.

Everything old is new again  

Some say Gen Z is even bringing flip phones back as a solution to social overload — picking flip phones off eBay to return to their parents' internet-less world for a little while. It's no surprise that teens' screen time has increased 17% since the pandemic started, clocking in at eight hours and 39 minutes a day in 2021.

To order the Z Flip5 and the Z Fold5, head over to Xfinity Mobile for all the information you need! 

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