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The Benefits of Bundling: Choosing One Provider for Your Cell Phone and Internet Service


The idea of bundling cell phone service and internet service to save money is nothing new; many of us have been bundling our TV service, home phone, and Internet service for a while now. Bundling has many benefits, ranging from discounts on services you use every day, to only dealing with one bill each month. In fact, bundling has become so popular, that today some companies offer three, four, or even five “bundled services.” Learn more about why you should consider bundling your Internet, TV, and phone services.

Factors to consider

On the surface, bundles are a great deal. A cheaper price for everything you need, only one company to contact if you have questions or issues, and even added functionality (with some providers, your services can even interact with each other, like Xfinity’s X1 feature that links your TV, phone, Internet, and tablets together). But, there are a few things to think about before you bundle:

Check the à la carte prices: Sometimes bundles aren’t all they appear to be, and you may find that paying for each service separately ends up being better for you. In other cases, however, bundling gets you one or more services at a drastically reduced price. It’s worth considering your options.

Ask yourself if you really need all the services: The lure of a bundle can be strong, but it may not be worth it to pay for a service you’re not using. For example, a home phone service is a common bundle item, but increasingly many of us no longer have (or need) traditional landlines. Check to see if your provider offers cell phone bundles instead. With Xfinity, you can now bundle TV and Internet and get your mobile phone service for free (you just pay for any data you want), so you could finally get rid of that outdated home phone.

Check the length of your bundle: A bundle that lasts for less than the time on the contract you’ve signed is no bundle at all. Make sure that you are getting the advertised price for the entire length of time you are under contract for (all Xfinity bundles are for 24 months). Also, be sure to read the fine print; the advertised bundle price doesn’t always include equipment fees, taxes, and other add-ons you might choose.

Don’t want Cable? Bundling is still an option

If you (like an increasing number of people) are what’s known as a “cord-cutter” — meaning you have given up traditional cable — it doesn’t mean you have to give up the benefits of bundling. Getting your Internet and mobile phone service (AKA, you cell phone plan) from the same company offers all the same benefits as bundling with traditional cable, making it a much better choice than having two separate companies providing each service. So, are you looking for cell phone and Internet bundles? Let's dive in.

For example, Xfinity’s cell phone and internet bundle offers high-speed Internet and up to five lines of unlimited talk and text through Xfinity Mobile, plus Xfinity Instant TV (which is like cable, but with no set-top box). You just pay for any data you want to use on your cell phone plan (pay-per-gigabyte or unlimited). Compare that to getting just internet through AT&T, and one unlimited phone line through Verizon and Verizon Fios, and you’re avoid surcharges and saving money right away, with the added bonus of free TV and access to millions of WiFi hotspots included with your cell phone plan.

Looking for ways to watch TV series, movies and more? Xfinity customers can tune in today on Peacock through an existing Xfinity subscription.

Bundles are usually the best option: they’re designed to provide us, the customer, with everything we want for the best price in return for loyalty to one company. Just be sure to re-examine your bundle at the end of your agreement period to make sure you continue to be rewarded for being a great customer. Whether you bundle TV and Internet or are looking for cell phone and internet bundles, Xfinity has bundles for your personal Internet, TV, and phone use.

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