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5 Ways Your Family Can Benefit from a Flexible Cell Phone Plan


January 06, 2020

Finding a mobile plan that works for you and your family can be hard. Many providers have through-the-roof fees for unlimited data or provide limited data amounts that don't meet your needs, especially if you are searching for a single plan for the whole family.

With multiple lines, shared data, and the ability to swap data options on the fly, a flexible cell phone plan can benefit your kids, teens, and the entire family. Here are five ways how:

1. Flexible plans offer multiple lines at lower costs

Some cell providers charge a line access fee for each number on the plan. A flexible cell phone plan, like the one from Xfinity Mobile, can provide up to 10 lines with no line or activation fees. Each member of the family can have their own number without any added costs. If your family grows beyond 10 members and you need to add another line, the cost-per-line is still low because it isn't bound by the same needs as the other numbers.

2. Flexible plans allow each line to have a different amount of data

Maybe you use a lot of data each month because your phone acts as a mobile hotspot for work, but your spouse never uses more than a single gigabyte. Why pay the extra cost for unlimited when they don't need it? Flexible plans let you set different amounts of data for each line, plus a certain amount of shared data in case one line goes over their allotted limit. The ability to choose unlimited or by-the-gig data for each line keeps costs lower than a plan that requires every number to have the same amount.

3. Flexible plans let you adjust when needed

Not everyone uses the same amount of data every month. A flexible plan lets you adjust your maximum or minimum by-the-gig limit on the go. At the end of the billing cycle, you'll be charged for whatever option you selected. If you find yourself working out of the house a lot and need higher amounts of data to upload documents or photos, make the swap to unlimited and avoid overage charges. You’re able to decrease your data amount next month if circumstances change.

This flexibility applies to your shared data amount, too. After all, you never know which member of the family is going to need more data during those Pokémon Go events. You can increase the total shared data on the fly to make sure no one is hit with any usage fees.

4. Most flexible plans include unlimited talk and text

Flexible phone plans usually include unlimited talk and text at no extra charge. This means having a chat with someone doesn’t involve any worrying about going over your monthly minutes.

5. Flexible plans mean no contracts

Many flexible mobile plans are contract-free, which means you can cancel your service at any time. Depending on the situation, it may or may not be prorated. This is ideal for families who move around a lot and can't use the same service provider in their new location — find a plan that works for you and pay as you go.

A flexible phone plan can be the right solution for your family. Visit Xfinity Mobile to find one that benefits everyone. NOW Mobile is a flexible, affordable, prepaid mobile service

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