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June 16, 2022

Great news! Eligible xFi Complete customers now have faster upload speeds at no additional cost

faster upload speeds

Exciting news! Now, eligible xFi Complete customers can receive up to 5–10x faster upload speeds. This is just one step toward providing our customers with next-generation Internet speeds.

Our existing upload speeds give you plenty of what you need to upload files, video chat, and game online. So, what’s the benefit of faster upload speeds? You can do more of what you love.

Plus, as an xFi Complete customer, you’ve got more than just faster upload speeds. In fact, you can enjoy tons of great benefits:

  • Unlimited data, so you have peace of mind doing everything you love online
  • Tech upgrades after three years at no extra cost. See terms
  • Advanced Security from cyberthreats at home and on the go
  • Wall-to-wall coverage — with an xFi Pod included if recommended

It’s time to start streaming, working, and gaming from home faster than ever.

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