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What is International Calling?

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July 06, 2017

If you have friends or family living in a foreign country, you may wish to review some helpful international calling tips. Keep reading to learn how to make international phone calls, which international calling codes and country codes to dial, and the benefits of international calling cards.

International calling demystified

International calling refers to a telephone call made between different countries. In telephony, international calls are made possible by telephone switches known as international gateway exchanges. Telecommunication services such as these gateway exchanges allow users to transmit phone calls to local, national and international contacts. International calling can be confusing if you have never made a phone call to a foreign country or if you have not recently dialed friends or family members living abroad. By following a few quick steps, you will be able to make an international call without any connection issues.

Basics to get you long distance international calling

International long distance calling keeps you connected to friends, family and colleagues in other countries or continents. You can easily dial all over the world from the comfort of your home. Save money on long distance calls and international phone calls by selecting a home phone plan that is right for you. Phone providers may offer package or bundle deals if you select home phone service as well as Internet service or cable TV service.

Compare home phone offers to see which option provides the best value on long distance international calling. You may be able to pursue per minute rates, monthly access rates or unlimited international calling based on the frequency and length of your international phone calls. Additionally, you may be able to save your minutes if you sign up for an international texting plan or purchase an international calling card. Prepaid international phone cards allow callers to connect to other countries using a unique pin number or card calling code. Many international calling cards can also be recharged with credit.

It is also recommended that you review reliable home phone service plans that offer crystal clear call reception and voice quality. Eliminate the inconvenience of dropped calls by signing up with a home phone provider that offers exceptional international calling packages and low rates so you can easily make calls to countries around the globe.

How to make international calls

International calling should be a quick and simple process if you have access to the latest list of international calling codes and country codes. The dialing sequence required to reach contacts in other countries should be the same series of numbers when dialing from any location.

1. Dial international direct dialing number (IDD)

The first step in international calling is to dial the international direct dialing number (IDD), also known as the international call prefix or exit code. When calling internationally from the United States, the IDD is 011. In other countries, the exit code will be a different set of numbers and may also vary based on phone carrier or type of phone service. Often the IDD may be depicted as a plus sign before an international telephone number. When making international phone calls, simply replace this plus sign with the corresponding international call prefix.

2. Dial country code

The next step is to dial the country code that corresponds with the country you are trying to reach. Every country in the world has a specific country code, and some countries may share the same code.

3. Dial city code or area code

Thirdly, you will need to dial the city code or area code associated with the phone number. It is important to note that some small countries may not use city codes or area codes. On the other hand, a large country may have hundreds of city or area codes.

4. Dial local phone number

The final step is to dial the local number to connect the international phone call. Consult an updated list of country codes, dialing codes, trunk codes or a trunk prefix, city codes and area codes before placing your international call. You may also wish to review global time zones and a world clock to ensure that you are not phoning an international contact at an inconvenient time or off-peak hour.

Resource for international calling codes

There are a number of online resources for international calling codes that regularly update all country codes. Review this content before making international calls to ensure your long distance call is successfully connected. Some recommended sites are listed below:

International calling and international phone cards allow you to stay close to your family, friends and colleagues even when they are far away. You can now connect with distant relatives and contacts through a few simple steps while keeping your phone bill costs down to a minimum.