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Products designed to protect you and put you in charge

Our products are designed to give you more control over your Internet, WiFi, and home devices, and better security to help keep your home, family, and personal information safe and secure.

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Xfinity xFi gives you control over your home network

xFi provides a simple, easy to use digital dashboard that enables you to personalize your WiFi experience and manage your home network, including notification of new devices that successfully join the network, controlling how and when devices connect, seeing which devices are most active over WiFi, protecting you from accessing websites and applications that host known malware or phishing, enabling parental controls and safe search settings for sites like Google or YouTube, and pausing WiFi at bedtime or dinnertime by device.
Xfinity Security Dashboard

xFi Advanced Security helps protect your devices from cyber threats

Automatically detects and blocks cyber threats and attacks from reaching the devices in your home, prevents access to websites and applications that have known malware or phishing, and proactively sends notifications to your phone of suspicious activity on devices connected to your home network that may require your attention.
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Xfinity X1 helps parents keep kids safe

Xfinity X1 puts you in control of the shows your kid can watch and helps you screen and block inappropriate content with:

  • Parental controls that are easy to find, personalize, and implement. Includes networks and channel blocks, and rating, title, application, and time of day locks.
  • Common Sense Media ratings and reviews to inform your entertainment choices.
  • Kids Zone, a safe and secure viewing experience parents can customize and enable to provide kids with the ability to independently explore and discover age-appropriate programming in protected space within the guide.

Simple things you can
do to protect yourself

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Download Norton Internet Security

Help protect your devices from online threats with Norton Security Online, at no extra cost to Xfinity Internet customers. For more protection, get LifeLock and Norton Secure VPN at discounted rates.
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Strengthen Your Passwords

Check the strength of your passwords, store passwords safely, and employ best practices to keep your accounts secure.
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Enable Multi-Factor Authentication

Use multi-factor authentication to add an extra line of defense against potential threats to your online accounts.
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Be cyber savvy

There are lots of things you can do to help keep your family safe from online threats. We've put together a set of tips to help you enjoy our products securely.

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