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Get answers to some common questions and read more about how we're committed to keeping you connected.
Property Manager Pocket guide

Why smart properties matter more than ever

Let’s give your property a critical advantage, one that helps you attract residents. Our guides show how a better network, better entertainment and better service can transform your property into a smart, connected community.
Case Study

Case study: Energizing luxury communities

See how Xfinity Communities worked with Atlantic Realty Partners to provide high-performance Internet, TV and voice across all of their modern, premium properties. Also, check out what the WYATT FOCO says about their property staff and resident experiences with Smart Community technology.

Infographics designed to persuade

Visual learner? Our infographics distill comprehensive trends and statistics down to simple, digestible illustrations – a great resource for presentations and convincing others about the importance of connected communities.


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Resident Survey

Technology's role in Multifamily

High-speed Internet and WiFi are among the most important factors to apartment dwellers when making a rental decision – even more than in-room laundry facilities – according to the 2017 Xfinity Communities survey report.
Two years later, the emphasis on network access remains, but with a focus on smart home and smart building technologies that are emerging. Learn more about the state of smart technology in the multifamily industry, adoption challenges and the role of service providers in addressing those barriers in the 2019 Xfinity Communities survey report.


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See how Xfinity stacks up

Want to see how we compare with other service providers? We want you to see too. These at-a-glance comparison charts will show you how Xfinity beats our major competitors across Internet, TV, Voice, Customer Service and Home Security.


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