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Let's give your property a critical advantage. Our pocket guide shows how a better network, more entertainment options, and superior customer service can transform your property into a smart, connected community.
Case Study
Get a behind-the-scenes look at how Atlantic Realty Partners is delivering Xfinity Communities Internet, TV, Voice, and WiFi services across its premium properties.
Family at front door of home with groceries
Want to provide peace of mind to your residents? With Xfinity Home, you can. See how our security solution can keep your residents connected and protected.
Learn more about helping your residents easily transfer their service
New residents moving in later this month? Make it easier on  them — and you — by helping them easily transfer their existing Xfinity service.
Xfinity vs. the competition
With the fastest in-home WiFi and the most free shows, Xfinity beats the competition.
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