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In Honor of Bravo Con, We're Celebrating Bravo TV's "Friends Of" We Think Deserve Way More Screen Time


After a two-year hiatus (thanks, Covid), the Shangri-La of reality television is back. Of course, we’re talking about BravoCon. The three-day event brings all of your fave Bravolebrities together in one place (in this case, New York’s Jacob Javits Center) from Oct. 14 - 16 to gossip and greet fans.

While you’ll see all the major players from Bravo, there are some faces we think are deserving of way more attention than they get. We’re talking about the many Bravo “friends.” You know them as the family members, employees, or pals of the main cast members who, for whatever reason, aren’t given a starring role.

To give some of these scene stealers the spotlight they so richly deserve, these are the Bravo “friends” we love the most.

Melinda Handlowich on the Real Housewives of New York City

Connection: Dorinda Medley’s sister 

Why we love her: Simply put, Melinda keeps it real. She’s like the grounded, less glam version of her sister Dorinda, but with all of the same mannerisms and a motherly vibe. Highlights include when Melinda dressed up as Santa Claus for a RHONY event and when she brought Dorinda veggies from her garden.

Jeffrey Kung on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Connection: Crystal Kung Minkoff's brother 

Why we love him: He’s a legit pop star in China. Seriously, the man is a big deal overseas. So much so that Jeff won an MTV Asia Best New Artist award two decades ago. Why is RHOBH not taking advantage of this gem? The fact that we haven’t seen Jeff perform on the show yet is a crime, and we’re not okay with it.

Jake Baker on Below Deck Mediterranean 

Connection: Engineer on season 6

Why we love him: We’re gonna be totally honest here—we don’t know a ton about Jake, except that he’s hot. He worked as an engineer aboard the yacht featured on the sixth season of Below Deck Mediterranean. Sadly, Jake was not part of the featured crew. We saw him here and there working behind the scenes, but it wasn’t until the reunion that we learned he and bosun Malia White became an item after filming. Bring back, Jake!

Angie Harrington on the Real Housewivews of Salt Lake City

Connection: Whitney Rose and Heather Gay's friend

Why we love her: Aside from her killer style, Angie seems to know everyone in the orbit of RHSLC’s core cast. She isn’t afraid to point fingers (you can’t forget Catering-gate from Season 2) and appears to know how to have a good time. Give this woman a snowflake already! We will, however, get to see her as a charter guest on the new Below Deck Adventure series.

Marcie Hobbs on Southern Charm

Connection: Shep Rose’s cousin

Why we love her: Where has this woman been for the previous seven seasons? Yes, we have seen cameos from Marcie in the past, but giving her more of a platform during Season 8 was truly the way to go. She’s cool, nurturing, and might just have some good insight on her older cousin Shep. Here’s to hoping she gets main cast member status next season.

Grace, Angel and Adore Bryant on the Real Housewives of Potomac

Connection: Gizelle Bryant’s daughters

Why we love them: These sisters are straight shooters when it comes to their mom, her love life, and even her fashion choices. They aren’t afraid to read Gizelle, but also seem like great kids. Dare we say this trio might be our favorite reality TV kids of all time?

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