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October 04, 2019

A Seasonal Guide to Online Scams: How to Protect Yourself Every Month of the Year

This seasonal guide will show you what online scams to look out for and how to protect yourself all year round, so you can use the Internet safely and securely.

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Black Friday Shopping with Smartphone

November 15, 2018

Black Friday Shopping Tips: How to Use Your Smartphone to Plan Your Route & Find the Best Deals

Plan for the busiest shopping day of the year ahead of time by equipping your smartphone with these Black Friday-ready apps. Here’s how to Black Friday shop the smart way.

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November 14, 2018

Tips to Prevent Package Theft This Holiday Season

This holiday shopping season, more packages will be delivered to American homes than ever before. All those gifts will bring great joy, but they also mean thieves will be out looking for opportunities to steal packages too. After many years of experience working with law enforcement, here is my best advice to keep thieves away and prevent them from ruining your holiday.

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shopping safely online

November 14, 2018

Cyber Monday Safety Tips: Shop Safely Online While Scoring Deals

Cyber Monday is prime time for shoppers to get great deals online. However, it's also prime time for shopping scams that could put your financial information at risk. Keep these Cyber Monday safety tips in mind and keep your finances safe this holiday season.

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