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using wifi hotspots when gaming

April 12, 2021

Gaming on the Go: How A Hotspot for Gaming Can Help

If you're a gamer on the go, stay connected with mobile hotspots or portable high-speed internet whether you’re playing on your smartphone or console. This article helps you understand your needs and how to get your devices connected.

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Mobile WiFi Hotspots

January 06, 2020

Best Mobile Hotspot Plans: An Intro to WiFi On the Go

If you’re shopping around for a new carrier, consider whether you have access to their network of mobile hotspots and how they can save you money on your monthly bill.

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February 08, 2019

How to Set Up a VPN for Safe Internet Usage Away from Home

Learn how to set up a VPN to ensure that your connection is secured and safe when using public Wifi.

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holiday group selfie

December 17, 2018

How to Use Xfinity xFi to Manage Your WiFi for Holiday Guests

Your home’s WiFi network can get crammed during the holidays, as houseguests try to connect. Learn how Xfinity xFi can meet your speed needs and help manage the devices that join your home network.

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How Internet on the Go Keeps You Connected

July 06, 2017

How Internet on the Go Keeps You Connected

There are countless benefits to having access to the Internet on the go. Users are able to stay connected so they never miss an important conversation, a favorite TV show or that “had to see it to believe it” sports moment. Internet on the go makes it easier than ever to stream live TV, movies and TV shows as well as video chat with friends, play online games, send emails, post photos and more. By using WiFi, hotspots, and 3G or 4G connections, individuals can connect to the Internet from almost anywhere. Read on to learn more about the convenience of staying connected with Internet while on the go.

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