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June 04, 2019

There’s Never Been a Better Time to go Solar

Sunrun Go Solar

Xfinity has partnered with Sunrun to bring you the savings of solar so you can power your Xfinity services with clean sustainable energy. Check out our top 3 reasons to go solar below, and visit for more information.

Save money (and the planet) with Sunrun

1.) Cleaner air: Renewable energy sources, like home solar panels, produce very little to no pollution. Electricity and air pollution stemming from fossil fuel plants makes up more than one-third of the total U.S. global warming emissions, according to the Union of Concerned Scientists. As a result, pollution in the air can wreak havoc on the community's health.

2.) $0 down leasing option: Sunrun pioneered the solar lease (PPA) in 2007, allowing homeowners to go solar for $0 down. Solar leasing has quickly become the most popular way of helping homeowners reap the benefits of solar energy.

You’ll also enjoy fixed energy rates, long-term savings and clean, renewable energy for up to 25 years.

A solar lease will typically include maintenance and repairs, system monitoring, insurance, and a roof penetration warranty. When you sign up for Sunrun’s solar lease (PPA), you're completely covered with their worry-free, comprehensive warranty.

3.) Unlimited resources: When using the sun’s rays as power to heat air and water you have an unlimited source of energy, explains the Green Building Alliance. The heat and light from the sun is an inexhaustible resource on which you can count.

Visit Sunrun for more information.

For more information about going solar, visit and explore which solar option is best for your home’s unique needs.

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Solar made simple

Sunrun and Xfinity have teamed up to bring you the savings of solar power without the complicated process. All the details are taken care of for you — from design and permits to installation.

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