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4 Ways Smart Devices Can Flag Potential Issues in Your Home

Smart Home

September 23, 2019

There are many ways that smart devices can make everyday life a little bit easier. They can give you full control over every aspect of your home from anywhere in the world while adding extra flair and accents to your decor throughout your home. They can even be set up to automate common tasks like turning off the lights at night or changing the temperature while you’re away at work.

Today’s smart home devices can also prevent emergencies and other household problems. Here are four of the best ways to use common smart gadgets and accessories to alert you to potential issues before they happen.

1. Prevent a break-in with motion sensors

Nothing can disrupt your life quite like a break-in. If the invasion of privacy isn’t bad enough, the vandalism and theft that typically accompanies a break-in can leave your family feeling violated and angry. Thankfully, it doesn’t take much to keep your home safe with today’s security products and smart home sensors.

Cameras and a full home security system are the best options for keeping your home or apartment safe, but even placing a few battery-operated motion sensors around your home can go a long way in detecting a break-in the moment it happens. The best smart home and security systems send a notification directly to your smartphone, sound an alarm and can contact your security monitoring company the second motion is detected in an armed state. Motion detectors are also fairly inexpensive, so you can place them in multiple areas around your home where it might be too costly to install a family of smart cameras.

2. Use door and window sensors to keep the weather at bay

Another type of smart home sensor that’s handy to have are battery-operated door and window sensors added to your most-used windows and entries. These can be installed in seconds with adhesive and have a variety of powerful uses beyond the typical home security scenarios.

One of the most practical uses for these sensors is the ability to program your smart home rules to send you an alert when a door or window is left open. For instance, your companion smartphone app can send you an alert if the kitchen window alarm sensor was left open after you left, or you can set up a routine to alert you if your back door is ajar when you’re getting ready for bed at night.

These features help prevent break-ins, but they can also be an essential aid in preventing property damage from storms especially if you are away and your windows are open. Nothing is as frustrating as arriving home to water damage after a powerful rainstorm, and these sensors can alert you so you can return home or ask a neighbor to help shut your windows.

3. Water sensors can keep you dry

Speaking of water damage, almost everyone knows someone whose life was turned upside down by a busted pipe or water leak while they were out of town. Wet floors may not be a big deal if they’re caught early, but a water leak that runs for even an hour can cause serious damage and expensive consequences.

With that in mind, a few inexpensive water sensors placed in the kitchen, laundry room, and near a water heater are a family's best friend when it comes to preventing a water emergency. Water sensors can alert your smart home hub or security system when moisture is detected. Since most water emergencies aren’t caught before the damage is done, it can save you thousands of dollars to find out about a leak the moment it happens and prevent the worst from happening.

4. Smart smoke detectors can save lives (and your property)

Perhaps the most valuable smart gadgets are smart smoke detectors and alarm systems. Whether you replace your existing smoke detectors with a smart version that connects to WiFi, these systems can send you an instant alert when fire or smoke is detected in your home. Since these types of events can be catastrophic to your property and family, these tools can make all the difference when early detection is key and every second matters.

For an extra layer of safety, many families also link their smart lights to their alarm system. If an alarm event happens, your home can turn on any compatible lights in addition to sounding an alarm — an approach that’s particularly useful for heavy sleepers. The goal is to build an effective alert system that is difficult for your family to ignore.

These smart gadgets only take a small investment and some time to configure, making them one of the most meaningful upgrades you can make to your home. Contact Xfinity Home to learn more about the professionally installed home security solution you can get today; it’s time and money well-spent.

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A total home security solution

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