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Xfinity Home's New Pet Filter Lets You Stay in Touch with Your Pet Anytime, Anywhere

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October 31, 2019

Saying goodbye to our pets can make it hard to leave for work in the morning. The good news is Xfinity Home with available cameras and 24/7 recording allows you to check in on your pet throughout the day. Xfinity Home's new Pet Filter feature enhances that ability by allowing you to automatically filter through hours of video footage to easily find those clips that contain footage of your four-legged friend.

How does it work?

The Xfinity Home Pet Filter uses powerful artificial intelligence that can distinguish between the movement of a pet and other types of activity, like a person or a car. Xfinity engineers spent countless hours researching and analyzing video clips to design a learning algorithm with the ability to find those precious moments for you to see. As a result, the algorithm will only get better over time.

Check on pets throughout the day

According to a nationwide survey released by Comcast, checking in on pets is one of the most common uses of a home camera. Of the people polled, 44% said they checked in on their pets at least four times a day, while 38% said they check in on their pets while at work. A staggering 94% of people said that checking on their pets through their camera is one of the best parts of their day — aside from coming home to excited tail wags.

In addition to allowing you to quickly search and find any footage of your pet's shenanigans you may have missed, Xfinity Indoor/Outdoor cameras with available 24/7 Video Recording also give you live access to what your pet is doing. If you have a lull in your workday, you can check in for an up-to-the-second view of their antics. Supported cameras also have an available opt-in microphone function allowing subscribers to also hear what's going on in their house--helpful if your pet is misbehaving.

The ability to check on your pets goes beyond the workday. The survey also revealed that 73% of people commonly use their cameras to check on their pets while they're on vacation. Sure, having a pet sitter you trust is great, but the ability to view your home and see Fido lounging on the couch (even if he's not supposed to be) can give you peace of mind.

Besides, it can be a lot of fun to see what your pets do when you're not around. Comcast's survey divided pet behavior into six categories.

  • 34% of people said their pet behaved like a "loyal friend" and waited by the door for their return.
  • 25% described their pets as "sleepers" that lazed about all day long.
  • 24% said their pet was an "adventurer" and took advantage of the quiet to explore every place in the home.
  • 8% of pets were "scavengers" and spent their time sniffing out any "people food" that had been left out.
  • The final 5% and 4% of pets were "escape artists" and "brawlers," respectively, in that they tried to escape from their crate or started fights with other pets.

Wouldn't you like to know which of these categories (if any) your pet falls into?

The perfect time to adopt

If you don't already have a pet — but you do have an Xfinity Home system — then now is the perfect time to adopt. The introduction of the new Pet Filter feature follows an adoption event Comcast held in conjunction with Hallmark Channel. The "Adoption Ever After" campaign resulted in 63 animals finding their fur-ever homes. As a heartfelt thanks, new pet owners also walked away with adoptive parent gift bags, $50 gift certificates, and new tablets to help them check their Xfinity Home live stream and keep tabs on their new furry friends.

The best holiday gift you can give a pet is a loving home. With an Xfinity Indoor/Outdoor Camera, you don't need a dedicated pet video camera to check on them while you're away — you can simply use your existing home monitoring camera. On top of it all, the Pet Filter makes it easy to find and cut your favorite clips to make your own hilarious pet videos.

For more information on the "Adoption Ever After" campaign, check out our highlight video from the event.

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A total home security solution

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