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How Home Security Features Can Help Your Home Sell

Smart Home

October 29, 2018

The best realtors will tell you that to raise the value of your home, you’ll need to invest in it. Many sellers add a new coat of paint and replace old appliances, but there’s one improvement that can raise your home’s sale price by up to 20 percent: installing smart home technology. With a smart home security system, new security features are integrated seamlessly into your home, which can be a hot selling point for your home’s future owners.

So, whether you’re getting your house ready to sell or simply considering your home’s future value, smart home features are an excellent investment in your home and your security. Read on to learn some of the many benefits of having a home security system.

Why buyers want home security and home automation

Millennials make up the single largest group of homebuyers today, and these young buyers want smart homes. One study found that 86 percent of millennial homebuyers are willing to pay higher rent for a home that comes equipped with modern home security systems and other smart home features.

No matter their age, homebuyers want a house that suits their needs and lifestyle. They also want a home in which they feel safe. With smart home technology already installed, buyers can rest assured that their family and possessions will be safe from the moment they walk in (or out of) the door. This reassurance adds significant value to any home.

Today’s most convenient smart home features

A smart home system has functionality that new homebuyers will appreciate—added convenience on top of security. We recommend you choose a system that’s equipped with the following features:

  • Live video and 24/7 professional monitoring, with the option of video recording and storage

  • Cellular and battery backup, so the system is always secure and running

  • Remote arm and disarm functions, so users can control the system from a central hub as well as a mobile device

  • Options to add other smart features to the system, such as smart lighting, thermostats, and door locks

Xfinity customers have the ability to conveniently bundle Internet, TV, and home phone services in their new home. So anytime a new buyer wants to set up entertainment and connection services, it can be done all at once, and with ease. And if home buyers already have their own equipment, it may even be compatible with Xfinity. Just check with an Xfinity representative to see if any upgrades are needed.

How to highlight your home’s smart system

Once you’ve installed smart home security features, it’s important to highlight these benefits for potential buyers, so as to increase your property value. If you’re using a realtor, make sure he or she showcases your system in the real estate listing and calls out home security features when showing the home to potential buyers. Here are some key aspects to mention:

  • A home security system can help deter crime, and make you eligible for discounts on homeowners insurance policies.

  • An automated home is a more efficient home; smart lights and thermostats allow you to lower your carbon footprint while also saving on utility expenses.

Some real estate companies put together Smart Home Staging Kits, which combine the most popular smart home technology features and devices on the market. Experienced homebuyers will be on the lookout for features like these as they tour potential homes. Here is what’s included in a handy smart home staging kit:

  • Indoor/outdoor security camera: Xfinity cameras are discreet, durable, and capture crystal-clear video footage.

  • “Learning” thermostat: This thermostat will learn your schedule and keep your home comfortable at all times, while saving you money.

  • Smart locks: Smart features include a keypad for keyless entry and full control of your locks using the app on your phone.

  • Smart lights: Your home’s light switches are always at your fingertips, whether you’re in bed or across the country.

Good news! All of these devices pair seamlessly with an Xfinity Home security and home automation system. And with remote access, you can easily arm and disarm your system for your agent during a showing or open house.

To get a fast sale at the best price, your home needs to stand out among the competition. With a smart home security system from Xfinity, buyers will gain professional home monitoring and the ability to fully customize the whole home solution that’s right for them. Invest in your home with smart home security features before you make the move to sell. You and your home’s new owners will both be glad you did.


A total home security solution

A total home security solution

Get peace of mind with 24/7 professional monitoring and so much more. Enhance your with smart security features, because smarter is safer.

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