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DIY Home Security Solutions: What to Think About

Smart Home

December 04, 2018

A home security system can bring you confidence, safety, and convenience. But just as your home is unique, so too should be your security system. It’s important to be able to customize your home security system to suit your home’s design as well as family’s lifestyle and needs. With Xfinity Home, you can select the features, equipment, and services that are best suited to your space. Here’s how.

Assess your home’s needs

Xfinity Home security systems are completely customizable based on your home’s size and features. Consider these factors as you make your choices:

  • Home size: Your home’s size may influence the equipment you choose for your home security system, from sensors to security cameras. In general, you should have a system that can monitor each floor, the perimeter, and entry points. Motion sensors should be in all common areas. You should also be sure to have the correct smoke detector placement. With professional installation services, Xfinity Home can advise you on how many devices you need and where to place them.
  • Number of entry points: It’s recommended that you install cameras at the main entrance point and the busiest parts of the home. This makes it easy to use cameras to monitor the arrival of guests or visitors, as well as to confirm package or mail delivery. You may choose to install motion detectors or security cameras at each of your home’s entrances, like the garage, front door, and rear door.

Choose services to fit your lifestyle

With a home security system, you can choose a variety of levels of alerts and services. Here are some of the options:

  • 24/7 Professional Monitoring: With Xfinity Home, 24/7 Professional Monitoring comes standard. So, in the event that an alarm is triggered, we’ll alert the authorities right away.
  • Live video monitoring and recording: With the addition of our professional security cameras, you can livestream video footage right to your smartphone. Recording options are also available.
  • Real-time alerts: A smart security system means that you are always in the know. Get real-time notifications sent to your smartphone when motion is detected, doors or windows are opened, alarms are triggered, or based on any other “rules” you set within your system.
  • Integration with home automation: Customize your system with add-on devices and features that will make your home more secure and efficient. Add-on devices include smart thermostats, smoke detectors, and smart lights. Flex your DIY muscles and create a customized system that’s backed by Xfinity’s trusted service.

Setting up your system

Installing your security devices is simple and easy—and our professionals can help. As you build on to your system, consult the Xfinity app for advice and tips on the best places for security camera installation and sensors, as well as how to sync any automation devices.

With Xfinity Home, you can customize the perfect security system for your family and your home, with the peace of mind of knowing you’re backed by 24/7 Professional Monitoring and support. Learn more about how to get started with a DIY home security system.

A total home security solution

A total home security solution

Get peace of mind with 24/7 professional monitoring and so much more. Enhance your with smart security features, because smarter is safer.

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