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February 08, 2019

Essential Moving Hacks: 4 Tips for a Stress-Free Move

moving hacks

Moving to a new apartment or house might be a major life event, but the experience doesn’t have to be chaotic. With some extra planning, relocating can be stress-free and even fun (really!). Here are four moving hacks to ensure a smooth transition for you and your belongings.

1. Get an early start

If you look around your house and think, “We don’t have that much stuff,” you’re probably in the minority. Even for Marie Kondo diehards, a move across town requires lots of details and planning. Start the moving process early — even two to three months beforehand — to handle each detail and avoid last-minute panic.

Start with a moving checklist that includes everything you’ll need to do, like changing your address with the post office, getting your utilities lined up, transferring cable service, and mapping your moving route. Keep your list somewhere visible, like on the fridge.

2. Stay connected

Nowadays, living without Internet access or cable isn’t an option for most families. If you’re an existing or potential Xfinity customer and want to avoid service gaps, sign in to, enter your current address, and let us know when and where you’re moving. You can transfer service to your new home before you get there (sometimes even on the same day!), so you can count on having Internet and cable from day one.

3. Decide what you’ll keep, donate, and dump

Chances are, everything you own doesn’t need to make the move with you. Use your impending move as an excuse to purge unnecessary belongings. Sort through your closets and drawers and determine what you should keep, donate to charity, or toss.

Ask yourself when you last wore each item of clothing or used that kitchen gadget or hockey stick. It can be hard to part with some possessions, but others may appreciate your unused items. You’ll also have fewer items to box up, which is always a bonus!

4. Pack like a pro

Think beyond the cardboard box when it’s time to pack. Use laundry baskets, pillowcases, and tote bags as moving vessels. Keep a permanent marker and some painter’s tape handy for labeling everything by room.

Create a list of what’s in each bag or box. This will be helpful when you arrive at your new home and you can’t remember where you packed your frying pan. Here are a few other organizing and packing tips for moving:

Everyday essentials

  • Fill an overnight bag with personal items you’ll need for your first days in your new home: comfy clothes, toiletries, cell phone charger, etc.
  • Pack a box of household essentials like towels, sheets, a few dishes, coffee, and your cable box, remote, and cords. Put them all in a clear plastic bin for easy identification.
  • Keep important moving documents in a folder and put it somewhere visible, like on your kitchen table.


  • Fill your suitcases and duffel bags first. (Hint: Pack seasonally appropriate clothes in these bags so that you can unpack them first when you arrive at your new home.)
  • Roll clothing instead of folding it to save on space.
  • Tuck socks into your shoes to help them keep their shape (and free up room in other boxes).
  • Instead of taking everything off hangers, move your closet as-is. Slip a few tie-top trash bags over 8 to 10 hangers. Tie the tops and secure the hangers together with some string.


  • Take a picture of all the wires on the back of your TV and computer. You’ll have an easy reference when plugging things back into place.
  • Pack your cords together. Use painter’s tape to label them, and repurpose twist-ties and empty paper towel rolls to keep them from getting tangled.
  • Remove all CDs, DVDs, video games, and external storage devices from your electronics before packing them.
  • Make sure you remove ink cartridges and toners from your printer. Store them in a sealable bag to keep them from leaking.
  • Find out if you can use your current router and cable equipment in your new home.


  • Choose small boxes for breakable items. Use your kitchen linens, like tea towels, to wrap your plates and bowls.
  • Fill your pots and pans with spice jars, then secure them with plastic wrap.
  • Slide your knives into an oven mitt to prevent any injuries when unpacking.
  • Pack your cleaning supplies last, as you’ll have to do a final sweep of your old home.

Once the couch is in place, your boxes and bags are all accounted for, and the pizza is ordered, the hard part is over. Celebrate your new home and relax with a family movie night. You’ve moved like a pro, and you won’t even have to search for the remote.

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