Your Advanced Advertising Preferences for Cable Video Services

Comcast provides advanced advertising choices for its cable television customers. Comcast may use “Activity Data” generated by your video viewing on devices such as cable set top boxes, computers, mobile phones, and tablets to provide advertising that is more relevant to your interests. We may also use “Ad Groups” data from other sources—including, for example, census information or advertiser data—to determine which of our advertisers’ messages may be of greatest interest to groups of subscribers to our cable television services. We may also use this data to measure the effectiveness of advertisers’ messages to these groups of subscribers.

Sign in to select your preferred advanced advertising setting for the video services that you receive through your cable television subscription. If you would like your cable television account to receive advertising based on “Activity Data,” and if you would like it to be included in “Ad Groups,” select the OPT IN option. But, if you would prefer to receive standard advertising and do not want to be included in “Ad Groups,” select the OPT OUT option. If you select OPT OUT, we will still display advertising to you, but we will not do so based on “Activity Data.” Whether you opt in or opt out, Comcast will not give your name or other identifying information to an advertiser without your express consent. Please note that Comcast reserves the right to use Comcast data and data from other sources to provide advertising about Comcast products and services and to measure its effectiveness even if you select the OPT OUT option.

After signing in, you select one option:

( ) Opt in for personalized video advertising

( ) Opt out of personalized video advertising

For more information, read through our Comcast Customer Privacy Notice and view our Communication and Ad Preferences Help & Support Article.

Note: The Primary Account Holder has authority to adjust preferences for Comcast services.