Search X1 with the Remote Control Keypad

Learn how to search for movies, TV series, music videos, personalities, sporting events and more on the XFINITY X1 using the remote keypad.

You can also search using the search bar at the top of the Search menu.

Using the Remote Keypad to Search

  1. Press the xfinity button on the remote.
  2. Use the right arrow or left arrow button to navigate to Search.
    Search button highlighted on guide.  The Search button is option 4 of 6 in the main menu.
  3. Press OK on the remote.
  4. Use the alphanumeric keys on the keypad to enter your search term. For example, to search for "NOVA" enter 6682.
    • Use the 0 button to enter a space.
  5. As you enter numbers, they will appear at the top of the screen.  The search will suggest titles that match your entry so far.
    6882 appears at the top of the search screen.  Below this, the "NOVA - TV Series" listing displays, followed by other program listings that match the letters that correspond to 6882. 
  6. Use the down arrow button to highlight a search result.
  7. Press the OK button to choose a search result.
    The program description page for NOVA displays with a summary of the program.  Beneath this are the following options: Episodes (accesses the Episode Guide), Record, Favorite. 
  8. Press the Last button to go back to the search result list.
  9. Press Exit to exit the Search screen.

Searching While Watching Live TV

  1. While watching live TV, press the number buttons on your remote to open the Search box. As you enter more numbers, Search will continue to suggest programming that matches your entry.
    • For example, if you press the 7-2-9 buttons, which corresponds to P-A-W, the Paw Patrol TV series will appear.
      The Search box being utilized to find programming using the keypad while watching live TV. In this case, the user has searched for "Paw Patrol".
  2. Press the OK on your remote to visit the Paw Patrol page, or press Exit to close the Search box.

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