Xfinity Internet Broadband Disclosures

Comcast strives to provide consumers with accessible, easy-to-understand information about the services we provide, so they can make informed decisions about which services best meet their needs. Consistent with that goal, we have established this page as a single place where consumers and others can access and review the relevant policies, agreements, and other information about our Xfinity Internet broadband Internet access services.

Additionally, the Federal Communications Commission ("FCC") requires that Comcast and other providers of broadband Internet access services disclose certain information regarding those Internet services. The information required for disclosure under the FCC's rules is found below and in the various policies and documents listed and linked on this page. To assist you in finding the information you're looking for, we highlight below information that the FCC specifically calls for in the Open Internet Disclosures.

Network Practices

Comcast does not discriminate against lawful Internet content, applications, services, or non-harmful devices. The bullets below provide an overview of Comcast's network practices with respect to its Xfinity Internet broadband Internet access services. Additional information, including more-detailed technical information, is available in the Network Management Information Center.


Comcast does not block or otherwise prevent end user access to lawful content, applications, services, or non-harmful devices. Comcast does engage in reasonable network management practices described below and in our Network Management Information Center.


Comcast does not degrade or impair access to lawful Internet traffic on the basis of content, application, service, user, or use of a non-harmful device. Comcast does engage in reasonable network management practices described below and in our Network Management Information Center.

Affiliated Prioritization

Comcast does not directly or indirectly favor some traffic over other traffic, including through use of techniques such as traffic shaping, prioritization, or resource reservation, to benefit an affiliate.

Paid Prioritization

Comcast does not directly or indirectly favor some traffic over other traffic, including through use of techniques such as traffic shaping, prioritization, or resource reservation, in exchange for consideration, monetary or otherwise.

Network Management

Comcast manages its network with one goal: to deliver the best possible broadband Internet access service to all of its customers. To further this effort, Comcast uses reasonable network management practices that are consistent with industry standards. Comcast uses various tools and techniques to manage its network, deliver its service, and ensure compliance with the Acceptable Use Policy and the Customer Agreement for Residential Services. These tools and techniques are dynamic and can and do change frequently. Network management activities may include identifying spam and preventing its delivery to customer email accounts, and detecting malicious Internet traffic and preventing the distribution of, or inadvertent access to, malware, phishing, viruses, or other harmful code or content.

As the Internet and its related technologies continue to evolve, Comcast’s network management tools will also keep pace so we can deliver an excellent, reliable, and safe experience to all of our customers. We will provide updates here as well as other locations if we make significant changes to our network management techniques.

Comcast currently does not maintain a separate system to assist with managing times of congestion. As our network technologies and usage of the network continue to evolve, we reserve the right to implement a new congestion management system if necessary in the performance of reasonable network management and in order to maintain a good broadband Internet access service experience for our customers, and will provide updates here as well as other locations if a new system is implemented.

Application-Specific Behavior

Comcast provides its broadband Internet access service customers with full access to all the lawful content, services, and applications that the Internet has to offer. Comcast does not block or rate-control specific protocols or protocol ports (except to prevent spam, malicious attacks, and identity theft), does not modify protocol fields in ways not prescribed by protocol standards, and does not otherwise inhibit or favor certain applications or classes of applications.

Device Attachment Rules

Many devices are approved to access our broadband Internet access service. In order for a cable modem device to be approved for use on the network, it must pass CableLabs certification, UL certification, FCC certification, and Comcast device testing covering areas like DOCSIS and WiFi performance, security, and integration with Comcast’s network and systems. Comcast contracts with a third-party, Kyrio, to perform certain device testing on Comcast's behalf. In the DOCSIS Device Information Center, you can access a comprehensive list of all currently approved cable modems and EMTA devices. For details about testing and certification requirements for DOCSIS-compliant devices for use on the Comcast network, contact From time to time Comcast may “end of life” certain cable modem devices or cease permitting those devices to attach to the network for network management and security reasons.


Comcast employs a number of practices to help prevent unwanted communications, such as spam, and protect the security of Comcast's customers and network. We limit the number of login, SMTP, DNS, and DHCP transactions per second (at levels far above “normal” rates) that customers can send to our servers in order to protect them from Denial of Service (DoS) attacks. (We do not disclose exact rate limits in order to maintain the effectiveness of these measures.) Please see Email - Limitations on Sending and What is Comcast Doing About Spam? to learn more.

In order to further protect our customers, Comcast blocks a limited number of ports that are commonly used to send spam, launch malicious attacks, or steal a customer’s information. Comcast conducts several security initiatives, and offers security tools for our customers at our online security page. For more information, see List of Blocked Ports.

Comcast has an Alerts page that provides news and information on topics related to network security.

Performance Characteristics

Service Description

Comcast provides a detailed summary of its Internet service performance containing information about speed and latency, as well as other related topics. Comcast has always prided itself on providing state-of-the-art broadband services at the highest possible speeds. Recent testing performed by the FCC confirms that Comcast's broadband Internet access service is one of the fastest, most reliable broadband services in the United States. It consistently delivers at or above the "provisioned" speed for the particular service tier. Comcast also provides a speed test page, so you can test your connection for yourself.

Other Services on Our Network

Comcast currently provides cable services (using both digital QAM and Internet Protocol (“IP”)-based technologies), and voice services and certain Metro-Ethernet enterprise business services (using IP-based technologies), to its customers over the same physical network used to deliver Xfinity broadband Internet access service to residential and small and medium business customers. Our IP cable and voice services, and our Metro-Ethernet enterprise business services, are not provided over the Internet but are provisioned with separate service capacity and delivered over separate service flows using Differentiated Service Code Point (“DSCP”) technology, and the voice and Metro-Ethernet (but not the video) services are marked for prioritization (to ensure that calls, e.g., 911 calls, go through even in times of congestion). These services are designed to protect the integrity and reliability of the Xfinity Internet service, which is delivered on a best-efforts basis.

Commercial Terms

Pricing and Other Fees

Comcast’s Xfinity Internet broadband Internet access services may be subject to promotional rates. Additional fees, such as for equipment rental, installation, and early termination, may apply. For information about pricing and fees for Comcast's various Xfinity Internet tiers of service and all its Xfinity services, please visit the Xfinity Deals & Promotions page.

Data Usage Plans

Comcast has deployed flexible data usage management approaches that provide its customers with choice and control. Under these plans, usage that exceeds a monthly usage threshold is subject to an additional charge or, alternatively, customers have the option of purchasing unlimited data plans for an additional monthly fee. In certain markets, customers who subscribed to the Economy Plus tier before July 1, 2020 can receive a credit on their monthly bills for using less than a prescribed data threshold. Xfinity's Data Usage Center provides further information about these data usage plans here.

Xfinity Technology (or Tech) Upgrade Program Terms and Conditions

The Xfinity Technology (or Tech) Upgrade Program ("Program") is a program offered by Comcast Cable Communications Management, LLC ("Xfinity" or “Comcast”) that provides eligible Xfinity Internet customers (“you” or “your” or “Customer(s)” ) certain technology upgrades to their leased Xfinity Advanced Gateway equipment. These Terms and Conditions (“Terms”) apply to the Program.

1. Eligibility. Eligibility. To be eligible for the Program you must:

(a) Be a current Xfinity post-pay Internet residential customer, excluding customers on the Internet Essentials tier of service, with xFi Complete (as may be revised by Comcast, the “Qualifying Services”) with a current and active Xfinity individual-based account in good-standing (“Account”);

(b) Be 18 years of age or older and a legal resident of a State within the United States where the Program is available;

(c) Lease an Xfinity gateway or modem (“Gateway”); and

(d) Maintain the Qualifying Service(s) and continue to lease an Xfinity Gateway continuously for three years after activating the Qualifying Service(s).

The Program applies only to one Gateway under a single residential Account while the Program is in effect and is limited to the primary Account holder*. Customers who only receive Xfinity services through bulk or similar accounts, agreements, or arrangements through which services are paid by a third party, are not eligible to participate in the Program unless such customers have established individually billed Accounts and satisfy the above-referenced eligibility requirements under that Account.

* Employees of Comcast who receive Xfinity courtesy services are not eligible to participate in the Program with respect to the address at which they receive Xfinity courtesy services.

2. Gateway Upgrade.

Subject to the Program terms, you will be eligible to receive an upgrade to your Xfinity Gateway to a more recent Xfinity Gateway, once during a three year period. For existing eligible customers who subscribe to xFi Complete, the three year period begins March 8, 2022. For eligible customers adding xFi Complete after March 8, 2022, the three year period begins on the date xFi Complete is added to your Account. Comcast will notify you when your equipment upgrade is available. To receive the upgrade you must contact Comcast to request the upgrade through the Xfinity App or through such other means as Comcast shall determine.

The Gateway upgrade is limited to a more recent Gateway leased by Comcast and will include any additional or new features included with the upgraded Gateway. The upgraded Gateway will not necessarily be an upgrade to our then most advanced Gateway. The Gateway provided as an upgrade will depend on a number of factors, including your Xfinity Internet provisioned speed, the model Gateway currently leased by you, inventory, and other factors. If your then current Gateway is Comcast’s most advanced Gateway and you are eligible for an upgrade, the Gateway will not be upgraded until the next upgraded Gateway is available. Upgraded Gateways shall be subject to availability at the time of your eligibility. Comcast may in its discretion use new or refurbished equipment in connection with your upgrade. You may not substitute the benefits of this Program for cash, a cash equivalent or any other consideration.

Other Upgrades.

Comcast may replace and/or upgrade Gateways and other Comcast leased equipment outside of the Program in connection with our service and in servicing customers. For example, Comcast upgrades Comcast leased Gateways which are not capable of achieving the Internet speeds offered by Comcast; during service calls or if you move and continue to receive Comcast service, Comcast may replace leased equipment with comparable equipment or if comparable equipment is unavailable, Comcast may provide upgraded equipment; and Comcast may replace or upgrade equipment which is under warranty. More information about these equipment practices is available at These equipment replacements and upgrades may be sufficient for your needs and depending on your service needs and preferences, you may not need the benefits of this Program.

If your Gateway is upgraded for the above-described or any other reasons during the three year period, the three year period resets on the date of upgrade. If your Gateway is replaced with the same or similar Gateway, the original three year period continues. If you move and keep your Qualifying Services and the same Gateway, the three year period continues. If for any reason you disconnect Qualifying Services or cease to lease an Xfinity Advanced Gateway, Program eligibility terminates. If you reconnect a leased Xfinity Advanced Gateway and Qualifying Services at a later date, Program eligibility will start as of that date.

3. Program Changes and/or Termination: Comcast may, in its sole discretion, alter, limit, and/or modify, these Terms, Program rules, regulations, benefits, eligibility, and/or any feature of the Program, or may terminate the Program entirely at any time in its sole discretion, with or without notice. Program changes may be posted at or other web site designated by Comcast. It is your responsibility to check and review these Terms from time to time to keep informed of any changes.

4. Additional Provisions: These Terms incorporate and supplement the Comcast Agreement for Residential Services (including, without limitation Paragraph 13 of the Xfinity Residential Services Agreement – Binding Arbitration, and Class/Collective/Representative Action/Relief Waiver), Additional Xfinity Internet & Xfinity Voice Terms, and Comcast Xfinity Customer Privacy Notice, and in the event of a conflict with these Terms, the Comcast Agreement for Residential Services, Additional Xfinity Internet & Xfinity Voice Terms, and Comcast Xfinity Customer Privacy Notice shall control.

Privacy Policies

Comcast's privacy policies with respect to Xfinity Internet service are explained in the Comcast Xfinity Customer Privacy Notice.

Redress Options

If you have any questions about these disclosures, cannot find what you are looking for, or have any other concerns about Xfinity Internet service, please contact Comcast at Comcast will review and promptly respond to all submissions.