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xFi Advanced Security

Protect more of what you connect to your home WiFi — from smart thermostats to wireless speakers. With no extra hardware or software required, for just $5.99/mo.

5 dollars and cents
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A safer home network

Get a smarter security solution for all your smart devices, including:
  • WiFi-enabled devices: thermostats, door locks, and more
  • Home security devices: cameras, touchscreens, and more
  • Voice assistants (Amazon Echo, Google Home, etc.)
  • Phones, laptops, TVs, and more
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If something looks suspicious, you’ll be the first to know with xFi Advanced Security and the xFi app. We’ll also send notifications through the app when a potentially harmful issue has been resolved or avoided.
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A new kind of protection

Once added, xFi Advanced Security looks for any suspicious activity on your network, and will help to:
  • Keep you safe from malware and phishing threats on sites you visit
  • Prevent remote access to your devices from unknown sources
  • Report and block suspicious device activity

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