All Internet is powered by data.

However you use the Internet, our data plans have you covered. Customers in select markets are automatically given our 1.2 Terabyte Data Plan. That's enough monthly data to stream HD Movies for nearly 18 hours a day. Need more? Go unlimited.


Listen to 21,600 hours of non-stop music or binge 500 hours of your favorite shows in HD.

Multi-player gaming

Game online for 34,000 hours with friends and family from all across the country.


Video chat for 3,500 hours for all your remote learning and work-from-home needs.


Get the speed you need at a great price.

Headphones, tablet, game controller, and remote

Enough data for your everyday needs

Think you might need more than 1.2 TB of data a month? A very small percentage of our customers use that much, but Unlimited Data options are available.

Customers who use more than 1.2 TB of data in a month for the first time will not be billed for exceeding the limit. After that, blocks of 50 GB will automatically be added to your account for an additional fee of $10 each plus tax. Charges will not exceed $100 each month, no matter how much data you use.
xFi router

Have peace of mind doing everything you love online with unlimited data

Add xFi Complete to any internet plan and have peace of mind doing everything you love online with unlimited data.

Bringing your own modem + router?

Add our unlimited data plan after checkout.

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