Boxing ring


Catch every fight on Pay-Per-View

Preorder Pay-Per-View (PPV) fights up to a week ahead of time, so you can just kick back and enjoy.
Boxer on TV

Order pay-per-view boxing right on your TV

Simply say “Boxing” or the PPV event name into your Voice Remote, order, and you’re good to go.

What to know before ordering

Order early

It’s a good idea to order pay-per-view events ahead of time, just in case you need to pay your bill or experience an issue with your service.

Pay once, watch on every TV

You can watch on every TV Box connected to your Xfinity account. Use your remote to order the PPV event on each TV. You’ll only be charged once.

Confirm your order

Go to the Pay Per View Channel before the event starts. Your order was successful if you can see programming or a countdown clock leading to the event.


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