Xfinity Discovery Hub

March 25, 2021

Introducing ‘What to Watch Live’ on Xfinity X1!

Xfinity customers, if you’re looking for expert TV recommendations, the latest entertainment news and trends, or simply looking to have a good time, then you’re in luck— our editors cover all that and more in the new series What to Watch Live on Xfinity X1!

Who are the Xfinity Editors?

You’ve seen the Xfinity Editors—David, Audrey, Scott, Kaila, Gordon, Landon and Rose—interview the biggest stars in Hollywood for Xfinity Hangouts, and now, you can watch these entertainment experts LIVE each week from the comfort of your (and their) home!

What is 'What to Watch Live' and how do I watch?

The all-new What to Watch Live series airs Tuesdays at 4 PM EST on Xfinity’s live-streaming app Watchwith. To tune in, simply say “Watchwith” or What to Watch Live into your Xfinity Voice Remote and start watching!

What’s more, Xfinity customers can also join the conversation and make their voices heard via voting in on-screen polls and more with the Xfinity Voice Remote!

Ready to watch? Just say “Watchwith” or What to Watch Liveto tune in Tuesdays at 4 PM EST to learn about the latest in TV, movies, music and more from the Xfinity Editors!