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May 27, 2022

The wait is over. After nearly three years, the global phenomenon finally returns. It’s the fourth season of Stranger Things on Netflix—and the best way to watch is with Xfinity. Check out what’s dropping on X1.

Go deeper on the new season of Stranger Things

There are fans, then there are Stranger Things fans. We’ve got everything you need to feed your obsession, right here.

  • Stranger Things YouTube channel – Check out teasers, clips, discussions, announcements, and more about the show.
  • Watch recaps of earlier seasons – It’s been years between new episodes. Refresh your memory in minutes with full-season video recaps.
  • Watch Beyond Stranger Things – Get behind the scenes with Easter eggs, insider information, and more, and find out everything there is to know about Stranger Things.

And don't miss the premiere of Stranger Things season four

Oh yeah, there’s an entire show to watch, too. Your complete guide to the Stranger Things franchise is in one handy place.

  • Watch the season four premiere on May 27 – El and the gang face their scariest obstacles yet: a new paranormal threat from the Upside Down, and high school. Plus, just where has Hopper gone? We need answers.
  • Relive the entire series – Go back and enjoy your favorite episodes or watch seasons one through three of Stranger Things in their entirety.

 Just say “Stranger Things” into your Xfinity Voice Remote to see it all.



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