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The Funniest Episodes of Parks and Recreation


Parks and Recreation, one of NBC's most famous sitcom TV shows, is now streaming exclusively on Peacock Premium. From JJ's diner to the Pawnee Goddesses, this show has a lot of laughs to offer everyone. Looking for a great episode? Since every episode can now be streamed on Peacock, let’s break down our favorite (and some of the funniest) Parks and Rec episodes.

“Ron and Tammy” (Parks and Recreation Season 2, Episode 8)

Leslie has been trying to turn the abandoned Lot 48 into a park for some time now. However, she learns that the library department, run by Ron’s evil ex-wife Tammy, wants to take the lot over. In this episode, Ron and Tammy rekindle their turbulent relationship, much to Leslie’s dismay.

“Hunting Trip” (Parks and Recreation Season 2, Episode 10)

Leslie is the ultimate social chameleon, or so she thinks. When Ron has his annual hunting trip, Leslie ends up inviting herself to prove that she can be one of the guys. But things don’t go as planned when Ron accidentally gets hurt.

“Andy and April’s Fancy Party” (Parks and Recreation Season 3, Episode 9)

Andy and April host their own dinner party and invite everyone from the Parks Dept. To everyone's surprise, they decide to get married in the middle of the party. Ben also chooses to turn down a job in Indianapolis and stay in Pawnee.

“The Camel” (Parks and Recreation Season 2, Episode 9)

The “Spirit of Pawnee” mural is again vandalized. Rather than trying to put a problematic mural back up, each department is tasked with proposing a new mural. Leslie wants the Parks Dept. to win this and tells everyone to come up with one idea. Each idea is characteristic of the person who made it, especially Jerry’s “murinal.”

“Leslie and Ron” (Parks and Recreation Season 7, Episode 4)

Toward the series' finale, Leslie and Ron are at a crossroads in their relationship. Ben and the rest of the staff scheme up ways to trap both of them in the office overnight so they can get past their rivalry. The evening is full of flashbacks and avoidance tactics, but they eventually make up in the end.

“The Fight” (Parks and Recreation Season 3, Episode 13)

It’s the famous “Snake Juice episode” where Tom and Jean-Ralphio invite everyone to the Snakehole Lounge to try out their new drink. Ann and Leslie get into a fight while Andy’s alter-ego, Burt Macklin, makes an appearance. The next day, the staff is completely hungover and struggling to navigate through their day.

“Pawnee Rangers” (Parks and Recreation Season 4, Episode 4)

Tom and Donna embark on their annual “Treat Yo’ Self” day. They take the day off to shop and indulge in outrageously expensive things. It’s the best day of the year! Leslie also creates her girls-only wilderness club, the Pawnee Goddesses, to rival the boys-only club, the Pawnee Rangers.

“Flu Season” (Parks and Recreation Season 3, Episode 2)

This episode is by far one of our favorites. The town of Pawnee is hit hard by the flu. Member of the parks department get seriously sick, including Chris, Leslie, and April. While April is taking all of Ann’s time in the hospital, Leslie insists she is fine and sneaks away to present the Harvest Festival to the Pawnee Chamber of Commerce.

“Telethon” (Parks and Recreation Season 2, Episode 22)

Leslie is in charge of running the anti-obesity telethon where she tries to recruit former NBA star Detlef Schrempf to join as a special guest. After many delays, and many second-rate replacements (Ron gives a presentation so boring that the telethon starts to lose money), Detlef finally arrives at the end of the event and helps surpass the fundraising goal.

“The Debate” (Parks and Recreation Season 4, Episode 20)

Paul Rudd appears as Bobby Newport, heir to the Sweetums fortune and Leslie’s competitor for city council. Bobby and Leslie go head to head in a debate while Andy and April try to host a watch party. However, Andy’s cable cuts out right in the middle, but Ron saves the day just in time to watch Leslie win.

So, what’s your favorite episode of Parks and Recreation? Whether you’re a seasoned Parks and Rec fan or a new viewer, this series (and the episodes listed) are sure to have you rolling.



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