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October 02, 2019

Tune in to the MLB Postseason with These Baseball Themed X1 Voice Commands

xfinity 2019 mlb postseason

MLB fans, get ready to experience the MLB postseason like never before with X1 and the Xfinity Voice Remote. Tune in to your favorite teams’ games and more with X1 and get ready for the 2019 MLB World Series.

MLB voice commands and more on X1

MLB fans with the X1 and the Xfinity Voice Remote can say the following commands to enjoy baseball like never before:

  • “MLB Bracket” – This voice command shows a full-screen modal of the 2019 World Series Bracket on your television.
  • “Show me my teams” – This command shows a schedule of all your favorite teams! If you haven’t set your favorites yet, this command will help you do that first.
  • “MLB” – Saying “MLB” into your Xfinity Voice Remote takes you to an MLB “hub”, full of games, news, and highlights.
  • Saying your favorite MLB team, i.e., “Minnesota Twins” – This voice command tunes to live games while they air or shows the team’s upcoming schedule if no live games are airing at the moment.
  • Saying two players’ names into your voice remote, i.e., “Cody Bellinger vs. Alex Bregman” – Saying two player’s names into your voice remote will bring up player stats and a comparison card.
  • “Yankees stats” – Saying a team’s name + “stats” into your voice remote will show you that team’s stats card.
  • “Atlanta Braves leaders” – This command will show you a team’s leaders’ card.

If you’re ready to tune in to the MLB postseason, these fun, MLB voice commands are for you. Try them today and tune in to the postseason and the 2019 MLB World Series with X1.

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