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December 06, 2018

Your 2018 Christmas Movie Guide

christmas movies

Whether you’re curling up for a festive date night or planning a weekend movie lineup for the whole fa-la-la-family, you surely have a list of can’t-miss Christmas flicks. Now you can catch them all using Xfinity X1 on channels like Freeform, TBS, and AMC’s “Best Christmas Ever” lineup. So, set your DVR, stream on your device of choice, or simply say, “Christmas movies” in your X1 Voice Remote to get started. Here’s where you can find your favorite holiday picks this season.

A Christmas Story

Where to watch: TBS

Beginning on Christmas Eve night, the 24-hour marathon showing of this holiday classic is as reliable as a visit from Santa. Have it on repeat as you finish your wrapping, and keep it on all Christmas long as the kids enjoy their new treasures. A goofy-yet-poignant comedy known for its nostalgic depiction of the 1940s Americana-era, this holiday mainstay is full of one-liners we all know and love. Watch as 9-year-old Ralphie embarks on his youthfully ardent quest for a b.b. gun, as everyone around him warns, “You’ll shoot your eye out!”


Where to watch: AMC

Many an honest soul has been squashed by the big apple, but perhaps none so charmingly as Buddy the Elf. Will Ferrell plays this oversized (human) elf character who sets out from the North Pole to find his biological father in New York City. Antics and obstacles ensue (including a breakdown of Santa’s sleigh, which threatens the very existence of Christmas itself), but rest assured, the Christmas spirit prevails, with plenty of smiles along the way — and smiling is Buddy’s favorite.

12 Dates of Christmas

Where to watch: Freeform

It’s Groundhog’s Day with a Christmas twist. Idealistic Kate (played by Amy Smart) tries to win back her ex-boyfriend instead of paying attention to Miles, a new suitor who might just be the better fit. On Christmas Eve, she gets another chance to make it right. Actually, she gets a dozen more chances. She relives the night 12 times, learning about herself and the magic of the holiday season each time. Nothing beats a romantic comedy, holiday style.

National Lampoon’s Christmas Vacation

Where to watch: AMC

High hopes for the holidays go hilariously awry in this standout highlight from the original National Lampoon series. Chevy Chase is at his best as Clark Griswold, the earnest yet accident-prone dad who just wants to create the picture-perfect holiday for his family. Mishaps and disappointments abound; after all, what else would you expect from a house full of in-laws, a misfit cousin living in a trailer in the driveway, and 25,000 twinkle lights that refuse to blink? But the Griswolds find a way to save the day, as they always do. This over-the-top funny flick is the perfect relief for your own holiday stress.

Christmas with the Kranks

Where to watch: Freeform

This humorous movie follows the plight of the Kranks, an empty-nester couple who want to take a break from the typical Christmas scene. Swapping their annual, costly holiday traditions for the Caribbean seems like a good idea at first; that is, until their busybody neighbors — determined to win an award for "best-decorated street" — get involved, putting a damper on their escape plans. Try as they might, the Kranks can’t seem to escape the Christmas spirit (or at least its price-tag).

Miracle on 34th Street

Where to watch: AMC

When a warm fellow named Kris Kringle fills in for an intoxicated, department-store Santa at the Thanksgiving Day parade, he quickly turns out to be the perfect fit – so much so that he wins a spot as the store’s Santa. But his claims to be the real Santa Claus stir suspicion from his employers, and most importantly his new friends: a special but pragmatic little girl and her mom. Can he convince everyone that he’s the real deal? He just might have a lawyer friend that can help him win over even the hardest of cynics. This nostalgic black-and-white classic is the all about the reason for the season: to believe.

The Polar Express

Where to watch: AMC

In this imaginative animated rendering of the eponymous classic children's book, a skeptical young boy jumps aboard a mystical locomotive that appears outside his window on Christmas Eve. His journey introduces him to a number of memorable characters, including a mystical train conductor (voiced by Tom Hanks), and takes him all the way to the North Pole, ultimately instilling him with a lifelong belief in the power of the holiday spirit.

The Santa Clause

Where to watch: Freeform

What happens if you accidentally knock Santa out of commission while he's delivering gifts to your home? If you're Scott Calvin (played Tim Allen) in this delightful '90s comedy, you're tasked with some big shoes to fill: those of Santa himself. An unexpected twist gives this jaded father a spirited opportunity to reconnect with his son (and save Christmas while he's at it).

This holiday season, make your movie list and check it twice. From classics to comedies, you can find them all on Xfinity.

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