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Keep Everyone in Your Home Connected This Holiday Season

Tips & Tricks

If you’re hosting guests this holiday season, you know how important it is to keep everyone connected. From the Thanksgiving dinner table to each guest room and beyond, it’s important to keep the family connected all season long. With the Xfinity Gateway and Xfinity Voice Remote voice commands your family and friends can stay in-touch all season long, enjoy WiFi from anywhere in your home with WiFi Boost Pods, and more.

“What’s my WiFi Password?” and other voice commands for your holiday guests

When your holiday guests arrive, they’ll likely have one question— “what’s your WiFi password?” If you’re not home to provide the answer or you aren’t entirely sure yourself, your guests can simply say “What’s my WiFi password?” into the Xfinity Voice Remote and the info they need to get connected will appear right on your television screen. What’s more, the info appears on the bottom of your screen, which means it won’t interrupt the holiday movies or Thanksgiving football games you’re watching.

Keeping guests connected all throughout your home

If you have a larger home and are looking to keep all your guests connected (from the kitchen, to each guest bedroom and beyond), you can use WiFi Boost Pods to extend your WiFi area. WiFi Boost Pods act as WiFi extenders and help guests gain access to your network across your home, even on other floors of the home that are distant from your Xfinity Gateway.

Pause WiFi at dinner time, set up “bedtime mode”, and more with the Xfinity app

Xfinity customers with the Xfinity Gateway can also download the Xfinity app, which gives you access to admin tools that allow you to pause your WiFi anytime, set up “bedtime” mode, create a PIN to activate PIN-protected Parental Controls on xFi, and more. That means you can pause WiFi access during Thanksgiving dinner (or those important Thanksgiving Day football games) or pause WiFi at a designated “bedtime” for younger guests.

All of this and more are available with the Xfinity Gateway and Xfinity Voice Remote, working together to make your holiday season simple, easy, and awesome.



WiFi Boost Pods work simply and seamlessly with your Xfinity Gateway to extend your WiFi throughout your home. Xfinity Internet customers can help eliminate deadspots and enjoy more consistent coverage at home with WiFi Boost Pods.

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