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Making Home Automation Part of Your Spring Cleaning Routine

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Out with the old, in with the new! As spring arrives, spring cleaning comes with it, and that means de-cluttering and catching up on all that vacuuming you might’ve missed during the winter month. However, spring cleaning can also be an opportune time to check in on your Xfinity Home home-automation and security devices. Learn more, and keep your home connected and protected as the seasons change.

Testing alarms, replacing batteries, and more

When giving your home a spring refresh, it’s important to keep up with certain home automation products to ensure they’re working as they should. Some steps you can take toward keeping your home safe, protected and refreshed for spring include:

  • Test sensors and alarms: always make sure they’re working as they should, and make sure they’re fully charged or equipped with working batteries. To learn more about testing your alarms, visit our resource here. To learn more about testing sensors, visit our resource, here.
  • Confirm your system is calling out to professionals: make sure that any alarm or alert systems are calling out to the correct emergency contacts in event of an emergency. Use the Xfinity Home mobile app to get started.
  • Replace old batteries: make sure to check (and then replace) your Xfinity Home device batteries.

By doing all of the above (and then some), you will be proactively keeping your family safe, connected, and happy throughout the year. Use the Xfinity Home mobile app to keep up with these day to day tasks, and more.

Keep home automation working throughout the seasons

An important part of keeping up with home automation and home security is simply that: keeping up with it. Spring cleaning time is a great opportunity to check in on the little things, and make sure your family is connected and protected for many seasons to come.

A total home security solution

A total home security solution

Get peace of mind with 24/7 professional monitoring and so much more. Enhance your with smart security features, because smarter is safer.

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