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Top 3 Reasons to Have a Professional Install Your Exterior Home Cameras

Smart Home

February 17, 2020

Smart cameras for monitoring are one of the most impactful technologies of the decade. Whereas cameras used to be a boutique feature of high-end security systems used by banks and retail stores, modern WiFi-enabled cameras are affordable and useful for almost any family. With cutting-edge features like night vision, motion-based recording, and optional 24/7 recording, they’re also one of the most important elements for whole-home security products like Xfinity Home.

Indoor cameras are fairly easy to position and install, but many families struggle to know how or where to install exterior home cameras. With that in mind, professional camera installation is often the fastest and most convenient route to go if you want to effectively place exterior home cameras around your property. Here are three of the top benefits to consider as you evaluate your options.

1. Finding the right placement

Exterior home cameras are only as useful as the areas they cover, and choosing the right locations can be trickier than you'd expect. From mounting too high or too low or in areas where sunlight can be problematic throughout the day, there are several hiccups to avoid when choosing the perfect positioning for your outdoor smart cameras.

A home security professional can save you a lot of time and headaches. Their familiarity with the weather ratings and recording specifications of the products they install can make a big difference in the quality of the footage you obtain and the life of your cameras. When placed in the wrong spot, a camera's night vision can be too dim or washed out if it is set too high on a wall or too close to an entryway or another light source. A pro can track down the sweet spot to make the most of this feature.

2. Using the right tools

Tools and experience are one of the areas where you’ll benefit the most from using an installation professional. From hardware to power tools and ladders, mounting an exterior home camera can be a frustrating proposition depending on the height and materials of your home.

A professional installer comes prepared with the right power tools and mounting equipment for the job, saving you time and money (including several trips to the hardware store). Safety can’t be overstated here, as well. If you think cleaning leaves from your gutters with a ladder is nerve-wracking, you’ll quickly realize that using heavy power tools to install a camera below an eave is no easy task. Also, if you need to run power to your exterior cameras, your installer can safely and professionally make the required modifications.

3. Protecting your home

One final perk of using a professional installer is how clean and effective the mounting itself can be. If your home features a hard-to-modify surface like stucco, brick, or stone, attaching anything to the exterior of your home can be a frustrating task that’s easy to fumble. Installation professionals have all of the tools needed to drill into these surfaces, securely mount your cameras, weatherproof the mounting connections, and cleanly hide the wiring if necessary. This will save you the stress of chipped finishes, potential water damage, and insecure mounting solutions that can loosen with changing weather seasons.

Choosing a professional to install your outdoor cameras is an option that can save you money over time. As you evaluate your family’s home camera needs and plan your smart home system, professional installation can make the process easier and more convenient. It’s the fastest route to securing your home, and you’ll benefit from the results for years to come.

A total home security solution

A total home security solution

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