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3 Smart Home Tricks to Keep Your Valuables Safe

Smart Home

September 23, 2019

Property theft is an all-too-common occurrence in modern life. Whether you live in the city or the suburbs, thieves are often on the lookout for an unguarded property and an opportunity to steal your valuables.

Families install home security systems for a variety of reasons, but the advanced capabilities found in today's smart home products are the perfect antidote to the modern thief. Here are some practical smart home tips that can keep your home and valuables safe.

1. Use smart sensors to your advantage

If you already have a home security system or a smart home hub, consider adding an array of battery-operated sensors throughout your home. Windows and doors sensors are inexpensive and easy to install. You can also take advantage of other smart home sensors, like motion and glass break detectors.

The obvious places to use these sensors are on all of the exterior doors and windows throughout your home. You may also consider adding them to not-so-obvious areas, like in your garage or basement, where an enterprising thief might try to break in. These sensors are helpful because they both sound the alarm of your security system and send your smartphone a notification if you’re away from home.

For an extra layer of security, consider adding sensors to the doors on your medicine cabinets or your smart safe. In the unfortunate event that someone you trust is looking through your valuables, you can be instantly notified or have a record to fall back on later.

2. Keep an eye on things when you’re away

Sensors and security alerts are great, but sometimes the most peace of mind comes from products that let you watch your house while you’re away. Today’s smart WiFi cameras offer a huge boost in home security, and they’re inexpensive to own, as well.

Installing a few indoor and outdoor cameras from the hardware store or your Internet service provider makes it easy to check in on the status of your property from anywhere with an Internet connection. Best of all, most of these cameras feature motion-activated alerts and crystal-clear night vision, meaning you always have a clear picture when something seems outside of the norm.

Smart cameras help keep your home under a digital lock and key, and one of the reasons families enjoy WiFi cameras is for their ability to prevent false alarms and break-ins. If a pet trips one of your motion alarms, an inside-facing smart camera can alert you to the false alarm and prevent you from rushing home from work. If you notice a suspicious visitor in your driveway, your smart camera can send an alert and capture footage in the event they have the courage to break a window and enter your home.

3. Stay safe with more than an alarm

The best part of a smart home security system is that they can do far more than sound an alarm when suspicious activity is detected. When you combine your security products with some clever automation, your home can take some impressive measures to defend itself.

If you use a smart lighting system, you can program every light in your home to turn on or even flash red when an intruder is detected. If your security system is armed, consider having it send a text alert to your neighbors if a suspicious person is detected when you’re out of town. No criminal wants to stay inside a home that draws so much attention to itself.

Whatever method you choose, take some steps to put some smart security measures in place throughout your property. Your home and your valuables will never feel safer.

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