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Simple and Easy House Projects that Will Boost Your Home Security

Smart Home

December 04, 2018

You want your home to be as safe and secure as possible, but hardwiring a complete home security system can be costly and time-consuming. Luckily, there are some quick DIY home security projects that you can do in a matter of one weekend. From giving a little TLC to your landscaping to installing home security and automation devices, these easy home security improvements can greatly boost your home’s safety without breaking the bank.

Put eyes on your property line

Placing cameras and motion sensors around your home is one of the best security upgrades you can make to help deter criminals from trespassing on your property. Xfinity Home wireless motion detectors and WiFi-enabled cameras are easy to install. Plus, our professionals are here to help. When sensors are triggered, you’ll get real-time alerts to your phone.

With Xfinity Home, 24/7 Professional Monitoring is standard. Nobody wants to think about their home being broken into, but if it is, our monitoring system will immediately alert authorities and send an alert to your phone.

Make your locks smarter

Are you still hiding an extra house key under a rock by your front door or in your garden shed? These “hidden” keys aren’t usually that hard to find, and potential burglars often know exactly where to look to gain access to your home.

Smart locks can eliminate your need for physical keys completely. They attach directly to your existing deadbolt, so installation is simple. Once installed, you can access them directly from your smartphone: lock and unlock your doors remotely, anytime and from anywhere. Plus, each lock can be given its own unique code, making it easy to manage multiple doors at once.

Eliminate hiding spots

Overgrown shrubs and hedges can be the perfect spot for potential intruders to hide out. Trim your outdoor landscaping, especially bushes around your windows, to eliminate these hiding spots and make it easier to see out your windows. This will also help to provide a better range of view for your cameras.

Make sure you have the proper outdoor lighting—it’s key in increasing visibility and deterring lurking burglars. Illuminate your home’s exterior with smart lighting that you can control from anywhere. Manage your smart bulbs from your mobile device via the Xfinity Home app. You can also set a schedule so that lights turn on and off at certain times of the day or are triggered if unusual activity is detected.

Secure your windows

Windows are a popular point of entry for unwanted visitors, and home window security can often be overlooked. Fix or replace any broken window locks, especially on windows that are at ground level or can be accessed from your roof. Add drapes or blinds to any windows that need them—this will help to prevent people from seeing inside and monitoring your family’s daily routines and activities.

Window sensors are easy to install and can alert you to any attempted access through the windows. Place them on all windows that are accessible from the ground. With Xfinity Home, each sensor can be connected to the touchscreen controller as well as your phone. So, in the event of a break-in or uninvited visitor, you’ll get a real-time notification alerting you to which sensor was triggered.

Home security doesn’t need to be complicated or expensive. Simple projects and small upgrades can go a long way in protecting your home and your family. Learn more about the options and devices available to you through Xfinity Home and build a home security system that works for you.

A total home security solution

A total home security solution

Get peace of mind with 24/7 professional monitoring and so much more. Enhance your with smart security features, because smarter is safer.

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