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Monitors for Elderly Parents: How Xfinity Can Help

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January 30, 2019

Many of today’s seniors are moving in with their adult children later in life. Not only does this provide the many benefits of multi-generational living, but it also allows for the comfort and convenience of aging in a familiar place with built-in companionship. If you’re caring for aging parents who are making this choice—whether it be in an in-law apartment or one house all together—your parents will get the benefits of stability and affordability. However, the situation may also be the source of worry and concern for you. After all, older adults with health issues or mobility limitations can be especially vulnerable to accidents, and you can’t be with them all day, every day.

How can you take comfort that your elderly parents are okay while you’re away or at work, while still allowing them to maintain their independence and privacy? With Xfinity Home, you can easily keep this balance, so that your home remains a safe haven for all of you.

Use cameras to check in and monitor activity

Security cameras may make you think of protection against intruders or break-ins from the outside, but they can also be invaluable tools for senior safety inside the home. With strategically placed, WiFi-enabled cameras, you can have a real-time look in on your aging parents remotely from outside the home or another room, while respecting their privacy. Use cameras in common areas—such as living rooms and the kitchen—to keep an eye on daily activity within the home and even to check in on incoming healthcare providers, conveniently through a mobile app on your smartphone. If your parent suffers a fall or a medical emergency, or even has a less urgent need for help, you can respond the minute it happens.

For example, all Xfinity Home services come with live video monitoring, which means livestream footage is directly accessible to your device. You can also set alerts on your phone to notify you of inactivity, or when alarms are triggered.

Prevent accidents with smart sensors and alarms

If the idea of a video surveillance system makes your older parents uncomfortable, sensor monitoring is a non-invasive way to make sure you’re alerted to potential emergencies.

Motion sensors can be placed in key areas of the home, such as doorways and high-traffic rooms, to detect unexpected activity. When triggered, they send real-time alerts via the Xfinity Home app on your smartphone. Motion sensors can be tied to other smart home devices and programmed to improve safety (set them up in the hallway to trigger the lights for late-night trips to the bathroom), or to alert you to unusual activity. For example, you can receive notifications if no motion is sensed during a typically active time of day, or if motion is detected in the kitchen in the middle of the night.

Add convenience and safety with smart locks

Aging seniors with physical limitations may not be able to make it to the door to let in caretakers or visitors. The Xfinity Home app can pair with smart locks to make opening the door (or keeping it locked) as simple as tapping a button. And for daily use, smart locks make it easy to lock up for the night—in fact, seniors can do it right from their couch or bed using their smartphone.

When smart locks are paired with a camera and sensor at the front door, your parents can see who’s visiting and unlock the door—or not—without getting up and walking through the house. For some aging seniors with mobility issues, this not only offers an added convenience but a safety benefit as well.

Get instant access to help in emergencies

A smart home security system can do more than alert you to an emergency—it can also act as a senior alert system, notifying the authorities that something is wrong.

When you install cameras as part of a full home security service from Xfinity Home, 24/7 professional monitoring is also included as part of the monthly service. This system can provide an immediate response to unusual activity inside or outside the home, such as when a security alarm, fire alarm, or carbon monoxide monitor is triggered.

If an emergency does happen, the Xfinity Home Touchscreen Controller has a panic button that will send an alert to the police and disarm the home’s keypad. The Central Monitoring Station will call the designated number to verify help is needed.

Growing older doesn’t mean your loved ones need to give up their independence. Find out more about Xfinity Home services and how a home security system can help your parents maintain their lifestyle while giving you the confidence that they’re safe and sound.