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Be an NFL Superfan with New Xfinity Voice Commands

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September 11, 2019

It’s time to get your fantasy leagues ready! For those watching all the NFL action from home, our Xfinity engineers have been creating more fun ways to enjoy the games with a bunch of new voice commands that work with the X1 Voice Remote. Learn more, and cheer on your favorite teams all season long.

What you need

First, you’ll need to have the Xfinity X1 Voice Remote and either the xFi Internet or Xfinity Home service. Second, you’ll need color emitting lightbulbs, from either LIFX or Philips Hue, which you connect to your home network with either the xFi or Xfinity Home mobile app. Once you pair the bulbs with Xfinity Home or Xfinity xFi, you’ll be ready to light up your living room with your favorite team’s color(s) in true superfan fashion.

Time to light it up!

Next, grab your X1 Voice Remote and say, “Xfinity Home + Go + (your favorite team’s name).” For example, say, “Xfinity Home, Go Eagles,” and you’ll see your connected lightbulbs automatically turn green. Say, “Xfinity Home, Go Patriots,” and the lights will turn red and blue. Don’t worry, no matter which team you’re rooting for this season, our engineers have got you covered.

Check out the full list of NFL team colors below:

Team Color 1 Color 2
49ers Scarlet Gold
Bears Blue Orange
Bengals Orange N/A
Bills Blue Red
Broncos Orange Blue
Browns Orange N/A
Buccaneers Red Orange
Cardinals Crimson N/A
Chargers Blue Gold
Chiefs Red Gold
Colts Blue N/A
Cowboys Blue N/A
Dolphins Turquoise Orange
Eagles Green N/A
Falcons Red N/A
Giants Blue Red
Jaguars Cyan Gold
Jets Green N/A
Lions Blue N/A
Packers Green Gold
Panthers Blue N/A
Patriots Blue Red
Raiders White N/A
Rams Blue Gold
Ravens Purple Gold
Redskins Red Gold
Saints Gold N/A
Seahawks Blue Lime
Steelers Gold N/A
Texans Blue Red
Titans Blue Cyan
Vikings Purple Gold


We hope you have fun with these new voice commands from Xfinity. Enjoy the new NFL season!

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