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3 Tips to Create a Front Door Experience Using Automation with Xfinity Home

Smart Home

February 26, 2020

Your home's curb appeal is important. It’s the first thing visitors see when they pull up, and it's what your neighbors look at every day. Your front entry may not be at the top of the list when you’re thinking of new smart home ideas and upgrades, but integrating the right technology in and around your front door can have a bigger impact on your daily life than you realize.

As you research the best home automation system and consider adding smart gadgets throughout your home, several exciting front-entry upgrades exist that can make your home safer, more welcoming, and a better place to live. Here’s a brief guide to getting started.

1. Get the right products

First, make sure you’re using the best home automation tools and products to make the most out of your front door. Start with Xfinity Home's powerful home automation and security features, and build outward from there. Once features like door and motion sensors are in place, consider other smart home devices, such as smart door locks, WiFi-enabled smart cameras, and simple items like smart power outlets and light switches.

Integrating smart plugs and light switches can create smart porch lights, paving the way to more cool lighting ideas. Smart door locks let you lock and unlock your door from anywhere with your smartphone. Even the addition of a modern outdoor smart camera opens up a world of safety.

2. Keep your kids safe with daily schedules and routines

Once your devices are installed and working correctly, the real power comes when you begin adding automated routines to the mix. Routines are simple to set up, and a powerful feature that you’ll find yourself using often. For example, when your kids get off the school bus, they can use the Xfinity Home app to unlock the front door as they approach and immediately lock it once they are inside. You can also set up a routine to turn on an indoor light at the same time every day and alert you when the door opens and closes, so you can check in to make sure they've arrived home safely.

3. Create automations during the work week

As you get more comfortable setting up routines and operating your smart home devices from your mobile app, you can start dreaming up some advanced automations to simplify your work week. For example, a sunset routine can disarm your security system and turn on the porch light so you don’t come home to a dark house after a long day at work. A morning routine can include turning off your exterior porch light, arming your security system when you leave, and turning off your interior lights.

Finally, if you have porch lights integrated with an inexpensive smart light switch, you can set up a simple daily routine to have them come on at sunset and shut off at sunrise the next day. During the holiday season, use similar routines in conjunction with a smart bulb to automatically turn seasonal decorations on and off without having to brave the cold.

The latest smart home technology from Xfinity Home can make all of the difference in the look and mood of your front door. Investing in some inexpensive upgrades can make your smart home technology responsive to your family’s needs and keep your family safer on a daily basis.

A total home security solution

A total home security solution

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