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How to Document Natural Disasters Using Xfinity Home

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February 21, 2020

Natural disasters are unexpected and devastating. The amount of damage they can cause is hard to wrap your head around, and it can be a long and frustrating process documenting what you've lost and dealing with the insurance claims.

A home security system can help lighten the load. When you invest in one, you likely don’t think about natural disasters. Still, a security system with 24/7 video recording and cloud storage can offer footage of the event and better prepare you for natural disaster insurance claims. Here’s how.

Xfinity Home cameras offer optional 24/7 recording

One of your responsibilities as the insured homeowner in a natural disaster (or any catastrophe insurance claim) is to provide proof of damages, which can be hard in catastrophic situations when you aren’t sure what is damaged or even left. Xfinity Home offers optional 24/7 video recording (for an additional monthly cost) that lets you review exactly when the disaster hit your home. For example, if a flood strikes, you can check the video to discover exactly when the water breached the walls of your home, when it reached certain levels, and which possessions washed away.

Since Xfinity Home records to the cloud, your video is safe from the water. The footage is saved for up to seven days. You can access it from a computer or mobile device, save clips, and check snapshots to document what items are in a room to help produce a list for your insurance company. Also, a video record is extremely valuable in settling a claim so that the insurance adjuster can see the state of the damage directly after that damage occurred, according to

Home monitoring cameras might earn a discount on your disaster insurance premium

Some insurance companies provide a discount for sensors that prove helpful in the event of a natural disaster, such as flood, fire, and smoke detectors. If you live in an area where natural disasters are common, consider investing in a natural disaster protection policy designed to cover damages caused by a flood or landslide.

Contact your insurance company and ask if they offer any discounts for a home security system. Also, ask your insurance company whether they accept video footage from home cameras. Most —but not all — do, and those that do sometimes require specific types of footage.

A combination of cameras provides the best coverage

Most people do not monitor every room of their home, but combining footage from multiple cameras can provide the best view of a disaster as it happens. For example, if floodwaters approach from the front of a home, you can check the outdoor camera to track how they progressed and then use your indoor cameras to survey any interior damage.

After a natural disaster, your main focus is to get your home repaired and life back to normal — the last thing you want to deal with is paperwork. Xfinity Home cameras can help by providing you with the footage you need to create a disaster recovery strategy document, so you can quickly start the claim process with your insurance company.

In addition to using home cameras, it is a good idea to invest in a water- and fire-proof safe to store important home insurance documents you may need after a disaster. A safe is also a good place to store treasured keepsakes that you couldn’t bear to lose. While it might not be much, knowing your most prized belongings are safe after a natural disaster can offer some peace of mind.

A total home security solution

A total home security solution

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