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Xfinity Parental Controls – Staying Safe When Streaming on Mobile Devices

Parental Controls

April 16, 2019

Wondering how to keep your kids safe on the go? These days, that’s a legitimate concern. With kids having access to the Internet (and thus, all of its contents) from almost anywhere thanks to smartphones and other mobile devices, it’s important to place parental controls on any potential content your child consume online. Luckily, our host of Xfinity mobile apps (such as Stream, the X1 remote, and more) come with built-in parental control capabilities, which you can activate easily.

Setting up parental controls with the Xfinity Stream app

First and foremost, it’s important to understand that parental controls will need to be placed on each individual device your child (or children) have access to. Setting up parental controls that are unique to each device ensures that your child won’t be streaming blocked programs no matter what device they’re using.

To set up parental controls on the Xfinity Stream mobile app, you can start by opening the main menu. At the bottom of the menu, you will see a wheel icon indicating the “Settings” menu. Tap this icon, then navigate to the “Parental Controls” option listed there. Tap “Parental Controls”, and you will be prompted to designate a PIN.

Pro-tip: write down your PIN and keep it somewhere safe. If you forget your PIN, you will have to contact us to reset it.

Once you’ve created a PIN, you will be asked to verify it. After this, the PIN is active, and you can move on to blocking certain programs, networks, and so on within the Parental Controls section of the app. For more info and a detailed how-to, check out this help and support article.

Setting up parental controls with the X1 Remote

Similar to the Stream app, the X1 Remote app will allow you to tap into “Settings” and select a “Parental Controls” option. Within this section you can select whether or not you want to block or allow certain content, and more.

Furthermore, from the X1 Remote app you can adjust your global Xfinity TV parental control settings by logging into My Account via the “Manage Parental Controls” option.

Setting up parental controls for the Netflix app on X1 and more

The content available on the Netflix App on X1 can be controlled by logging in to your Netflix account and accessing the parental control functions there. Start by visiting, then you can browse options such as content restriction, maturity level restriction, and so on. For more information, this help and support article is a great resource.

Finally, if you’re looking to set up parental controls across your network or website apps (such as NBC, WatchESPN, Fox Now and more) you can sign in to My Xfinity and visit “My Account”. Once you’ve entered “My Account”, you can navigate to “Settings” and see your parental control options there. To learn more about how to do this, visit this step-by-step help and support article.

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