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How to Clean Your Phone and Why You Should


January 31, 2019

Handling your cell phone on a daily (or hourly) basis means dirt and grime can quickly build up, as well as bacteria and germs. Cleaning your phone every few months will help it stay clean and work better. Here are some tips for getting your phone in tip-top shape, along with a few reminders about why taking the time to clean it can be useful.

How to clean your phone screen

The best way to clean a phone screen is with a damp microfiber cloth:

  • Lightly wet a small section of the cloth with water and run it over your screen to get rid of smudges.
  • Soak up any remaining moisture with the dry part of the cloth.

Always wet the cloth directly – don’t spray water or cleaning products directly onto your phone, and be careful not to get water in any of the phone’s ports. You should also avoid cleaning the screen with a paper towel or other rough materials, as this can cause scratches.

How to clean your charging port and speakers

Cell phone ports have tiny holes that can quickly fill with dust and cause your phone to malfunction. If you’re experiencing issues with your phone not charging or playing music properly, try cleaning your charging port, headphone jack, or speakers before heading to the repair shop.

Before cleaning your phone’s ports, make sure your phone is powered off and backed up. Use a Q-tip or toothpick to gently clear out any dust or lint, or use a can of compressed air to clean them out.

How to disinfect your phone

Some studies have found that our phones are 10 times dirtier than a toilet seat. If you’re worried about the germs that might be sticking to your phone, disinfecting it a few times a month can help keep it clean.

Dampen a microfiber cloth with equal parts distilled water and rubbing alcohol or vinegar and run it over your phone, being careful to avoid the charging port and headphone jack. You may also consider investing in a UV phone sanitizer. These gadgets use UV light to disinfect your phone — simply pop your phone into the sanitizer, close the lid, and wait 5-10 minutes for the cleaning to work. While these are a good everyday option, you’ll still want to use something stronger, like an antimicrobial solution, every few months as well.

Don’t forget to clean your phone case, too. If you have a plastic or silicone case, run an antibacterial wipe over it, or hand-wash it with dish soap. For leather phone cases, use a leather-safe soap and a leather conditioner to keep it looking new. Always dry your case well before putting it back on your phone.

Our cell phones are an essential part of our everyday lives, so it’s no wonder they accumulate dirt and germs. These simple steps will help keep your phone clean and in working order, so you can use it without worrying about any harmful bacteria it might be carrying around.

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