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Best Cell Phone Accessories for Kids


January 31, 2019

Giving your child a cell phone is a big moment in life. After several serious discussions about the responsibility that comes with owning a phone, it’s time to help your kid keep their phone from getting damaged or lost. Consider these accessories to make sure your kid’s phone is protected, charged, and always safe.

Phone case

Even if you a have kid-friendly phone, a sturdy phone case is a must-have. When you’re shopping for phone cases for kids, look for something that offers more function than style — think scratch-proof, shock-proof, and waterproof. You might want to choose a case that comes with an easy-to-grip material that won’t slip out of little hands. A simple, solid-colored case that’s built to survive multiple drops (as well as those everyday spills and bumps) can last your child’s phone for years to come.

Wireless charging base

If your child has an iPhone or Samsung Galaxy that features wireless charging capabilities, consider springing for a wireless charging base. All you need to do is place the phone on top of the base to charge it, with no wires to worry about. Wireless charging bases are an easy way to make sure your kid’s phone stays charged — and it saves you from having to keep track of (and untangle) multiple charging cords.

Battery-powered portable charger

Battery-powered portable chargers are great to have in an emergency and help make sure you can always reach your child. These compact chargers come in a variety of designs, from big power packs that hold multiple charges to tiny chargers with just enough juice to bring a dead phone back to life. Stash one in your kid’s backpack to have on hand in case their phone dies. Worried they’ll lose it? Consider upgrading their phone case to one with a built-in backup charger.

Screen protector

A shattered screen is expensive to replace, and it can be dangerous to have little fingers scrolling over broken glass. Keep your child’s phone in one piece with a plastic or tempered glass screen protector. Plastic is more likely to scratch and show fingerprints than tempered glass, but they’re a cheaper investment — you can expect to spend less than five dollars on multiple plastic protectors. Tempered glass will cost more, but it will last longer, feel smoother to the touch, and offer better protection.


Invest in a pair of headphones for kids that work well and can survive living inside a backpack. Choose over-the-ear headphones — in-ear headphones may not fit in smaller ears, and they’re easier to break accidentally. Wireless headphones for kids are a convenient option to avoid tangled wires. Don’t forget about volume; the best headphones for kids usually have a lower volume limit than adult headphones. Kids are more at risk of experiencing hearing loss due to loud noises, so take extra steps to protect those little ears.

Tracking tiles

Avoid the dreaded cry of “I lost my phone!” with tracking tiles. These GPS-enabled accessories stick right to the back of your child’s phone (and sync up to an app on yours), so you always know where to look if their phone does go missing. Plus, you can also use them to keep an eye on your child’s whereabouts when they’re out alone.

Whether you’re outfitting your kid with their first phone or upgrading your teen’s smartphone accessories, these items make it easier for your child to be a responsible phone owner. Browse more phone accessories for kids and the whole family.

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