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July 06, 2017

Complete Internet Security with Norton™ Security Suite

Complete Internet Security with Norton™ Security Suite

Families are spending more time online doing everything from research and blogging to entertainment and shopping. Each day, there are increased opportunities for Internet users to share personal and professional information with friends, family members and businesses. This information sharing necessitates a focus on Internet security to safeguard against identity theft, viruses and hackers. To protect yourself and your family against these dangers, it is recommended that you consider XFINITY's comprehensive online protection with Norton™ Internet Security.

Online Shopping Safety

When individuals use the Internet, they want to safely shop without worrying about identity theft, viruses, hackers or spam. However, without the protection of Internet security software, you place yourself and your family at greater risk of these threats.

By adhering to a few simple guidelines, you'll find countless ways to protect yourself and your family when shopping online. The best way to ensure your family's digital security is to pursue an all-inclusive online protection solution that offers thorough and fast protection without hindering your ability to perform everyday online activities. An ideal solution is the award-winning industry leader, Norton™ Security Suite, which offers fast, comprehensive protection against identity theft, viruses, spyware and hackers. This industry-leading safeguard helps keep families secure 24/7 and works behind the scenes to ensure fast startup times and thorough scans.

Features and Benefits of Norton™ Security Suite

Norton™ Security Suite creates a safe, secure online experience for PC, Mac, mobile and tablet users. Norton™ Security Suite protects against viruses, worms, hackers and more. The award-winning software safeguards against online identity theft, protects important files, offers easy-to-use parental controls and keeps your PC or Mac tuned and running at peak performance. You can now ensure all of your devices receive uninterrupted protection against:

  • Theft of your personal information
  • Viruses and spyware
  • Malicious files and websites when you browse and share
  • Phishing scams and spam
  • Loss of files due to a hard drive crash or other mishap
  • Social network threats when you socialize online

One of the key security features of Norton™ Security Suite is identity protection, which blocks phishing websites and authenticates trusted sites. Users benefit from up-to-the-minute protection, because Norton™ Security Suite updates itself every 5–15 minutes. Norton™ Security Suite is completely automated and easy to use. It works quietly in the background to maintain your overall system integrity with minimal effect on desktop, mobile or tablet performance. By offering an unmatched combination of performance and protection, Norton™ Security Suite allows users to get the most out of their online experience.

Complimentary Norton™ Security Suite with XFINITY® Internet

Norton™ Security Suite is available at no extra cost to XFINITY® Internet customers. Only high-speed XFINITY® Internet provides top-rated Norton™ Security Suite—a $160 value—at no additional charge and with no annual renewal fees. Norton™ Security Suite is available as a standalone download or as part of the complimentary Constant Guard™Protection Suite, which helps protect your personal online information such as bank account information and credit card numbers. 

The Constant Guard™ Protection Suite—which is included with XFINITY® Internet subscriptions—helps to protect your personal information online. It offers keyboard encryption and a secure web browser for safe online banking and shopping. This program also includes a one-click secure login, so you don't need to remember multiple passwords. Constant Guard™ Protection Suite and Norton™ Security Suite offer different benefits, and we recommend using both to ensure you receive the most protection.

How to Download Norton™ Security Suite

It's simpler than ever to install the highly acclaimed security package, Norton™ Security Suite, on all your devices. Once you've purchased XFINITY® Internet service, and have downloaded the Constant Guard™ Protection Suite, you'll be prompted to download Norton™ Security Suite. Follow these easy steps to complete the installation; you will need your Comcast ID or email address and password to proceed.  If you're already a paying Norton™ subscriber, and would like to switch to our complimentary XFINITY subscription, just contact one of Comcast's customer support representatives. We also recommend you consider downloading Constant Guard™ for extra protection at no additional cost. 

In today's digital age, you can shop for your favorite products and services with the click of a button. However, with this ease comes an increased risk of compromising your online safety. Protect against identity theft, malware, viruses and more by signing up for XFINITY® Internet service. You'll achieve greater peace of mind knowing you can shop online safely and securely with advanced protection from the complimentary Norton™ Security Suite.