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October 15, 2019

What You Should be for Halloween Based on Your Favorite X1 Destinations

Xfinity X1 Halloween Costumes

Halloween is just around the corner, and everyone has found themselves asking one question: “what should I be for Halloween?” Luckily, Xfinity has you covered, drawing inspiration from top X1 destinations (and the kooky-and-spooky characters that reside within). Read on (if you dare) and figure out what to wear this Halloween based on what you watch!

Halloween Moviethon: some classic “scary” costumes

This October Xfinity is celebrating Halloween with a Halloween Moviethon, featuring fearsome titles from classic horror tropes, frightening period pieces, and more! That means you have a whole gamut of scary costumes to choose from, including:

  • “The Babadook”, from The Babadook— Imagine dressing up as this guy. I mean… it’s the creepy costume that speaks for itself.
  • “Hannibal Lecter”, from The Silence of the Lambs— If you happen to like the name “Clarice” and saying it in a menacing tone, this costume is perfect for you.
  • A (spooky) festivalgoer, from Midsommar—Coachella? More like Woe-chella! (Listen, we tried. But seriously, Midsommar is a totally terrifying film that would be perfect for any Halloween occasion).
  • “Chucky”, from Child’s Play (2019)— You could totally dress up as the doll that started it all this Halloween, complete with a menacing doll-face mask and some (less menacing) denim overalls.

Any of these costumes are sure to terrify your Halloween party guests, and all these films can be viewed on X1 and Xfinity Stream this October.

Xfinity Sports Zone: baseball, basketball, football, oh my!

If horror isn’t your jam (but you can re-tell the exact stats and figures for all your favorite athletes on the spot), then sports might be your best bet. If you like all the MLB, NBA, NFL, NHL and other sports content on Xfinity Sports Zone, you might want to dress up as:

  • A baseball player— Batter up! America’s favorite pastime is always a great costume for Halloween. Pick the team you like most and rep their gear all night long as you trick-or-treat the evening away.
  • A basketball player— Whether you take on a real NBA-inspired costume or more Space Jam-esque attire, a basketball costume is sure to be a slam dunk.
  • A football player— If you’re more into contact sports, there’s a ton of fun variations on football player costumes you could try; why not be a zombie linebacker, or a vampire quarterback? The sky’s the limit!
  • A hockey player— Dress up as a hockey player and stay warm this Halloween (seriously, it can get cold in October) or a famous hockey mascot, like the Philadelphia Flyer’s infamous “Gritty”.

Sports costumes are a tried and true classic, and Xfinity Sports Zone fans have a variety of inspiration to choose from.

Music on X1: pop-stars, boy bands, and total rock stars

For those of you who like to listen to music on X1, where do we even begin? Let’s just jump into the list of music-inspired costumes that are perfect for that last-minute Halloween party:

  • Pop-stars, like Lady Gaga— Few people are as recognizable as the world’s most famous pop-stars, and you’re sure to get noticed in a star-studded pop-star costume a-la-Lady Gaga or Britney Spears. So many iconic outfits to choose from, so little time!
  • Boy bands, like One Direction— If you have an entire group to figure out a costume for, why not go as an iconic boyband like One Direction, or even The Beatles? Fights may break out about who truly fronts the band, but hey, that’s show-business, baby.
  • Total rock stars, like David Bowie— If you’re looking for an iconic (and relatively easy-to-do) rock star costume, David Bowie is the perfect example. Transform into the “Starman” himself with a dash of lightning-bolt inspired makeup, and ta-dah: you’re a total rockstar!

Say “Music” into your Xfinity Voice Remote and rock out to your favorite artists anytime, and don’t forget to dress-up as them for Halloween this spooky season.

No matter what you’re wearing this Halloween, you can catch some of the best Halloween movies and TV episodes with Xfinity X1. Tune in all season long for thrills and chills, and don’t forget to wear a costume!

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