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The Best Halloween TV Episodes on Peacock


October 16, 2020

This spooky season you can watch all your favorite Halloween TV episodes on Peacock, which you can access any time on Xfinity X1 or Xumo Stream Box from Xfinity. Read our list of the best Halloween TV episodes below then catch them all this October… if you dare!

'SNL' Halloween Episodes and David S. Pumpkins

In October 2016, Tom Hanks debuted his character David S. Pumpkins on Saturday Night Live, and he became an instant Halloween icon. From David S. Pumpkin’s original sketch, “The Haunted Elevator,” to his very own Halloween special, you can catch these episodes (and two other SNL Halloween specials) this October in the SNL Vault on Peacock.

'Parks and Recreation' Halloween Episodes

Looking for classic Halloween episodes of Parks and Rec? You can catch Parks and Rec’s season 5 episode 5 and season 2 episode 7 (featuring Greg Pitikis, Leslie Knope's arch nemesis) both on Peacock, with each including their own unique batch of iconic costumes and Halloween hijinks.

Halloween Prank Duels from Your Favorite Sitcoms

Other Halloween episodes (featuring epic Halloween prank duels) from your favorite sitcoms that are available on Peacock this October include:

Frasier Halloween episodes, including S5E3, S9E6 and S10E5. Season 10 Episode Five, called “Battles of the Crypt,” is famous for the Halloween prank duel between Frasier and Bulldog, as well as the prank-war between Gertrude and a neighbor's son.

Iconic Halloween episodes of Roseanne, including S5E7, S6E6, S8E5, S9E7, S4E6, S3E7, and S2E7. The Halloween episode in Season 2, called 'Boo', features a high-stakes prank-off within the Connor family to see who can pull off the scariest trick of them all.

Halloween episodes of Cheers, including S3E4, and S10E7 (which features Halloween-themed pranks between the bars Cheers and Gary's Old Town Tavern.)

So, if you’re looking to celebrate spooky season with classic TV characters and iconic Halloween TV episodes, you know what to do— just say “Peacock” into your Xfinity Voice Remote to start watching!



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