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December 06, 2018

Remote Camera Monitoring and More: How to Keep Your Eye on Your Small Business When You're Not There

keeping an eye on your business

Managing a small business can be stressful, especially when you're away from the office. Thankfully, new technology can help you stay on top of phone calls, keep an eye on activity in and around the building, and even turn the lights on and off, whether you’re across town or across the globe. Here's how you can stay connected with your small business from afar.

1. Use smart technology to control the utilities.

How convenient would it be for your lights to automatically turn on and off at certain times during the day, or for the temperature to adjust based on activity in the office or day of the week? Thanks to smart lighting and thermostats, you can program your utilities remotely and make sure they’re never left on overnight.

You can also keep an eye on your energy usage. Install an energy monitor in your office to pinpoint where most of your energy goes and adjust your usage accordingly. After all, the less you spend on utilities, the higher your baseline.

2. Install cameras to ensure everything is protected.

Storefront businesses and office buildings alike need security systems in place to protect staff, equipment, inventory, and other property. Computers and other electronic equipment can be tempting targets for thieves, but the files and information for your business are just as valuable. Comcast offers SmartOffice, which includes remote camera monitoring. Smart office solutions allow you to view a live feed of the workplace on your mobile device from anywhere you have an Internet connection.

3. Activate call forwarding to ensure you never miss an important call.

It's important to separate personal calls from work calls, which is why many people have separate phone lines for each. But when you’re traveling and don’t want to miss an important call, you can forward calls from your office landline right to your cell phone. Comcast Business VoiceEdge Select is a Voice Over Internet Protocol (VOIP) phone service specifically designed for business call forwarding. With the help of the Comcast Business app, you can access your office line from anywhere and answer those work-related calls when they come in.

4. Invest in a network security solution that gives you remote access.

Knowing which devices should and should not be connected to your business network is crucial, so make sure that you can monitor every device connected to your network. With Comcast Business, if any new device connects that should not be a part of the network, you can shut off its access from your phone, no matter where you are. You can also pause the network and reset the modem and network password if necessary.

5. Use a VPN to access your work computer from anywhere.

No matter how well you keep your files synced, there are always times when you need something from your business computer that you don't have readily accessible. Programs that grant remote access to your desktop can help solve this problem by logging you in to your system through a virtual private network, or VPN. This is a secure connection that allows you to access your desktop files (and other office computers) without worry. VPNs are also useful for managing money while on the road, as they provide a much more secure connection than public WiFi.

There are numerous ways to stay connected to your small business while you’re away. Take the stress out of managing your small business with these remote solutions.