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Office Move Checklist: The Essentials for a Small Business Move


December 07, 2018

When you own a small business, outgrowing your space is usually a good thing — it means you’re thriving! It’s an exciting time, but it can also be stressful. All the considerations of moving your business can be overwhelming but staying organized can help. Here’s a handy relocation checklist of the essential tasks you’ll need to complete as you move into a new space.

Transfer (and upgrade) your phone and Internet service

Your phone and Internet services are what keep your business running. They allow you to stay connected to customers, employees, and vendors, and perhaps to process transactions, stream music throughout your store, and keep tabs on your clients. It’s important to minimize downtime as much as possible while you move, for the best interest of your bottom line. You may even overlap services for a day or two, to make sure you’re up and running.

You should also make sure you are choosing the proper service levels for your growing business. If you're adding more employees, increasing your service offerings, or seeing your customer base grow, you may need faster speeds and more capabilities, like cloud-based solutions. With Comcast Business No-Glitch Switch, you can transfer and upgrade your service without disrupting your business.

Evaluate furniture, workspace, and storage needs

Your new space will have a new layout. And if your company is growing, chances are you’ll need additional workstations, furniture, and more. Evaluate your furnishing needs and how they’ll fit into your layout (and your budget). Keep in mind that if any architectural changes are needed to the space, you’ll likely need permits — as well as time. If there is lag time between operating in your current space and the new one, arrange for storage for inventory and equipment.

When it comes time to move, inventory can be a lot to handle, but you also have to consider sensitive components like your computers and phone systems. Make sure they’re packed (and later unpacked) properly. Move your inventory in sections and label carefully, so it’s easy to find and sort once you have moved in. The last thing you want to deal with is sorting through a dozen different boxes to find a specific product.

Inform clients and vendors

One of the most overlooked aspects of a business move is communicating your office move to clients and customers. While most businesses will put up a sign that announces the new location, you can take a more personal approach. Send out an email (or a letter, if you have your customers’ addresses) that informs customers of the move and thanks them for their patronage. Invite them to the new location. You could even include a coupon for a discount off a purchase to bring more business to the new spot.

If you purchase inventory from specific vendors, let them know in advance that your business is moving as well. Send a letter to vendors with the new billing and delivery information. If your inventory is sent to the wrong location, it could be a very expensive problem.

Manage online listings

If your business is online (and it should be), then you need to make sure the listings are up to date. If your phone number has changed, make sure to update it on Google Business and on your own website, on social media listings, and anywhere else your information can be found. Better yet, if you have a VOIP phone line, you can carry the same number with you. Update the address on your voicemail message and provide a bit of information about the new location.

There are a lot of things required for a new office setup but making a simple list of everything you have to do can help you stay on top of the task. Once the move is complete, you’ll better be able to handle all the business that comes your way — and plan for future moves to even bigger and better locations.

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