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Whether you’re enjoying the full X1 experience with our Emmy-winning voice remote and easy to navigate screen guide or binging the best in streaming with Xfinity Flex, we’re proud to keep you connected to the leading entertainment options at the best price possible.

We work with networks, regional sports providers, local TV station owners, and companies like Netflix and Amazon to bring you a range of top programming. Still, as programming costs rise, we sometimes have to make difficult decisions about what we're able to offer.

When an agreement with a programmer ends, it sometimes means that programmer’s content can no longer be offered on our platforms. We’re here to help you understand the changes and find an entertainment solution that is right for you.

For a list of recent and upcoming programming changes, click here.

Comcast Business customers can learn more here.

When changes happen, we’re here for you

Sometimes, we can’t reach an agreement with a network or service and it changes your content's availability. When that happens, we work with you to help you find a great alternative.

Find new favorites

Find new favorites

If a show you like is no longer available, we’ll help you find something similar through our extensive library of content, or through apps like Peacock and Xumo.

Right-size your service

Right-size your service

If you find your plan no longer fits your needs, you can always see what else is available and right-size your package on or with the Xfinity app.

New ways to watch

New ways to watch

Peacock. Hulu. Prime Video. Netflix. YouTube. Spotify. We could go on. Xfinity gives you access. Just say what you want to watch into the Voice Remote, and we'll make the connection.

We can help

Xfinity Assistant

Ask Xfinity Assistant for personalized, guided help.

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