Customer Agreements and Policies


This Addendum is made between you and the operating company subsidiary of Comcast Corporation that provides XFINITY Internet service to you under the Comcast Agreement for Residential Services (the "Agreement") and is effective upon your subscription to the XFINITY Business Pack in addition to your XFINITY Internet service. This Addendum modifies and is made part of the Agreement. Unless otherwise defined in this Amendment, all capitalized terms in this Amendment shall have the meaning specified in the Agreement.

Use of XFINITY Internet Service. As long as you subscribe to the XFINITY Business Pack and notwithstanding anything into the Agreement to the contrary, you may use your XFINITY Internet service for a home based business commercial purpose. In addition, to the Acceptable Use Policy posted at (or any successor URL), your use of the XFINITY Internet service will be subject to the Comcast Acceptable Use Policy for Business Services posted at (or any successor URL). In the event of a conflict, the Comcast Acceptable Use Policy for Business Services shall control.

Termination of this Amendment. This Addendum shall terminate if you no longer subscribe to the XFINITY Business Pack, the XFINITY Business Pack is discontinued by us or you cease to be a customer of Comcast's residential services at that address.

Except as otherwise set forth in this Addendum, the terms and conditions of the Agreement shall continue to apply to the XFINITY Internet service.

Version 1: October 28, 2015.