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Enjoy free access to premium channels and past seasons, on any device, during the biggest TV event of the year from April 16-22.

Westworld available with HBO®.
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Our best streaming experience

No tricks, just great TV

Stream your favorite channels or download top shows to watch anywhere, even if you’re offline. With your Xfinity TV service, you can watch top networks and live sports on the go.

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Live TV on any screen

Stream your entire channel lineup at home

Stream the entertainment you love in any room, on any device, with the best in-home WiFi. Heading out? Stream your favorite shows, top networks, and live sports on the go with access to millions of Xfinity WiFi hotspots nationwide.

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Take your DVR to go

Stream or download your DVR recordings to take with you anywhere

You can stream shows and movies the minute after they're done recording. Fast forward and rewind your DVR recordings, even when you're offline.

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Anytime, anywhere

Stream your heart out

Get the entertainment you love anywhere, on any device with Xfinity Stream app. Everything is included at no additional cost, only for Xfinity TV customers.

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