Order a Pay Per View Event on X1

This article provides instructions on ordering a Pay Per View event with XFINITY X1.

Note: If you pre-order a Pay Per View event, you may still need to select an order option with your remote and TV box once you tune to the Pay Per View channel. Your Comcast account will only be charged once.

Ordering a Pay Per View Event

  1. Locate the event you wish to order. See Find Pay Per View Events with Your X1 Menu for details.
  2. On the event's information window, use the arrow buttons on the remote to highlight Order Only. Press the OK button on the remote to purchase the event.
    • Tune to the event in order to watch, and your account will be charged.
  3. You can also select Order & Record to order and record the event for later viewing on your DVR. Press OK to confirm the recording.
    • Your TV box will tune to the event when it airs and you will be charged for the event.
  4. In either case, an Order PPV window opens on the screen. Press OK to confirm your purchase.
  5. A confirmation message then displays. Press the OK button on the remote to dismiss the message.
  6. When the event airs, remember to tune to the correct channel to watch your selection. If you set the event to record, you can find the content under the Recordings option of the Saved menu.

Note: Pay Per View service is valid for Comcast Residential customers only. Comcast Business customers may visit Event Pay Per View for Business Customers for more information, including how to order Pay Per View events.

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